1. Confirm Your Options

Do you feel unsure about where you want to go? Or the course you are interested in sounds way to good to be true?
This is the reason for Open Days, to help you answer niggling questions. Once you see the institution of your choice, you’ll be sure if you want to study there.

Best Day Ever

2. Remove Your Options

Attending Open Days can help you eliminate institutions and help you shorten your list. Don’t feel bad about dumping universities, they will understand, it’s not you, it’s them.

Remove your options

3. Meet the Lecturers 

You will get a feel for your lecturers teaching style and figure out whether you’ll be motivated and excited to learn from their lecture or be sent to Snoozeville (close to Lullaby Lane and adjacent to Snoring Street)

Meet the Lecturers

4. Make Potential Friends

Don’t be afraid to talk to other students at the open days, you may get along with them really well and end up being buddies. It will make first year a little less scary knowing there will be a familiar face. 

make potential friends

5. Explore the location 

Go exploring outside the campus and see what the general location is like. Find out where the nearest shops, train stations, gym and anything else you need on a regular basis and see if it works for you. 

explore the location

For more information about Prestige Academy’s Open Day on the 5th of May click here.