Lauren Carter

Lauren Carter , '14

In 2012 I started a new chapter of my life walking into college studying my BA Degree in Visual Communication Design at Prestige Academy.

This course at first taught me the ability to work under copious amounts of pressure, meet deadlines and work incredibly hard to achieve good results. If you are not hard working or passionate about design, I do suggest you walk away. This course is for the hard working individuals who are able to dedicate themselves to the workload and have as much fun doing it. The course is very  rewarding in the end.

I had the privilege to work with a group of individuals that not only worked hard to achieve the best, but we fed off of each other’s energy which in return made us walk proud and strong as a team on our graduation day. The main pillars in this course that I believe made a tremendous impact are the four lecturers that worked just as hard as we did. I give many thanks to these great lecturers during my years of study.

Being in the corporate world I did manage to find employment before I graduated. How did I achieve employment so quickly? This course gave me the ability to create a portfolio that was eligible for a company to employ me straight away. I was prepared. Prestige Academy helped me to prepare myself for the corporate world. Although there is a large difference, I have learnt so much in the industry already and will continue to learn day by day. Having this degree was possibly the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I would recommend anyone who is confused with their choices on where to study and are doubtful of this college. I trust Prestige Academy will guide you in making the right choices. I too was confused about this course but in the real world, i do not regret it. I have learnt so much in the past three years and it is all up to you and your determination to make a success of yourself. Prestige Academy will assist you in getting that dream job you hope to have one day.