Nadia Birow

Nadia Birrow , '11

Marketing & Design Manager at Kreative Kaneri

I was an Event Management student at Prestige Academy.  It has been four years since my last days at Prestige Academy, standing on the stage at graduation making my Student Council chairperson speech to all the graduating students of 2011. Prestige Academy was not only a place of learning but it too became a big part in the accomplishments I have achieved since. I was able to excel within my reach and gain valuable experience, skills and leadership abilities, all by the hands of Prestige Academy and the lecturers.

Since graduation, I have been travelling in Europe where I lived in London and Germany for two years, collecting wonderful memories, meeting new people and of course, broadening my horizons to the different cultures and ways of life. I then moved back to South Africa where I decided to start planting my roots. As an event management student at Prestige Academy, I have followed in the footsteps within my career and have joined forces with the marketing and design industry. Now, I stand as a Marketing and Design Manager for a corporate company.  I am grateful for the lessons I have learned and the experiences I have been exposed to, as it all has brought me to this point where I too have my own business in Marketing, Branding and Design at Kreative Kaneri. My vision for my company is to be able to grow creatively, independently and successfully and be able to offer my experiences as a baseline for originality. Being able to start my own business has given me a skip in my step, knowing that I am making my own mark out there, releasing myself into the world as a business owner and being able to reach out and help others grow and allow their visions to become a reality. If I can offer some advice out there it will be this: Never ever ever let anyone tell you something is impossible or that it cannot be done. Success was never built to be easy but it is based on a platform of commitment, dedication and vision… and of course a few sleepless nights here and there. A quote I’d like to share: “Life can get too dull if you don’t use a little colour yourself”