J Lombard

Shelby Lombard : Studied Event Management in 2014

Junior Web Administrator

A few months ago I graduated from Prestige Academy, receiving my Diploma in Event Management. Words cannot explain how much I gained through this course and how much I grew as a person. Not only did I walk away with a qualification, but I also walked away with sufficient knowledge and the necessary skills needed in order to pursue my dreams. One aspect I enjoyed most about our lectures is that each lecturer taught us based on his/her experiences in their past. That is something that really inspired and motivated me to work hard. Prestige Academy would not be ‘Prestige Academy’ without the passion and commitment from their lecturers and staff!

I am currently working for an Online Shopping company called Blue Ideal, as a Junior Web Administrator. I am sure you are wondering why as this particular profession is not event related. Well, I am not quite sure where I see myself in the Event sector yet and when this opportunity arose it hit me! I was lucky enough to join the team during the beginning stages of starting and growing the company. Apart from all the new knowledge I am gaining, I am fortunate enough in being able to work alongside the owner. The individualised guidance and business coaching will be invaluable towards my future business plans within the event industry.

In my first year I walked into Prestige Academy as a quiet, shy and dependent individual. Three years down the line I walked out of Prestige Academy as knowledgeable, confident and independent young adult.

Thank you Prestige Academy. J