Student Representative Council (SRC)

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The SRC of Prestige Academy is committed to serve, protect and advance the interests of all students at this institution. We strive to contribute to an environment conducive to student development, both academically and as human beings.

The SRC has the following key performance areas

The SRC is but one of the official structures in the governance of Prestige Academy. It operates independently (according to its own policy and rules) but is also interdependently in respect of close collaboration and interaction with other institutional bodies such as the different committees where members of the SRC serve on, as well as specific individuals such as the Directors, the Rector, the Student Affairs Guardian and Academic Manager.

Bellville Campus

Bellville Business park, D J Wood Way

+27 21 949 5036/7

Centurion Campus

1023 Bank Avenue, Centurion

+27 12 683 9942

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