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What can I study?

The faculties represent a wide variety of studies, and each field of study has a unique variety of degree, diploma and certificate programs.

Prestige Academy has 3 faculties;

How do I apply?

Starting your education at Prestige Academy is only a few key strokes away………

STEP 1: Choose your study programme(s)

STEP 2: Complete the application and send the required documents

STEP 3: How is your application considered at the Academy?

STEP 4: Pay your programme deposit

STEP 5: Receive your student number and monitor your application status

STEP 6: Take notice of the closing dates:

STEP 7: Compulsory form for students with special needs

STEP 8: If you want to change your course?

By submitting this information, you agree to receive telephone calls, electronic communications and printed materials from Prestige Academy.

Application documents required

The following documentation must be handed in together with your registration and/or submitted with your online registration form:


The Principal Payer/Co-Payers documents:

General & Specific Admission requirements (SA Citizens)

Specific Admission requirements:

The below qualifications have their own individual specific special admission requirements

General & Specific Admission requirements for non SA Citizens (International and Foreign students)

Admission as a student with Special Learning Needs

Students with special learning needs (disabilities) will be required to hand in a doctor’s certificate together with the application for special learning needs

There are many kinds of disability. We provide for special learning needs associated with two broad types of disability: i) permanent disability and impairments of an indefinite duration, and ii) temporary disability caused by incidental events such as a traffic accident resulting in hospitalisation.


How you can help us

We recommend that you make an appointment with the Academic Manager in the year before commencing with your studies so that you can familiarise yourself with the teaching-learning environment. Should you require any further information related to this application, please contact us at +27 21 949 5036 or

Benchmark Test

Prestige Academy has a Benchmark Test that will be used in the following cases:

The Academic Manager in collaboration with the Rector decide which applicants have to complete the Benchmark Test. The Academic Manager will forward the link for this test to the identified applicants (this means:  all applicants don’t have to complete the benchmark test, but only in cases that is really necessary).  The applicant must then follow the instructions on screen.  Once the test has been completed, the results will be processed and the applicant be informed about the result.

IMPORTANT: Should you therefore want to gain access to the Benchmark Test,  you will be required to email us on upon which we will provide you with access details.

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