“Why I chose Prestige Academy” – Lauren Bonafede

“Why I chose Prestige Academy” – Lauren Bonafede
We asked Lauren Bonafede, a third year Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts in Visual Communication Design student, to tell us about her experience since day one at Prestige Academy. I realised Prestige Academy was the college I wanted to go to when I took part in the Winter Workshop during my matric year in 2014. As soon as I walked ... Read More

Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Marketing vs Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is where art and science meet; by making use of the creative principles and guidelines that underpins marketing as a field, digital marketers scientifically analyse and utilise data to satisfy customer needs on an even more individual level (imagine your market as a dart board and digital marketing enabling you to zoom in closer on that bulls eye). ... Read More

Not to be missed! Early Payment Discount…

August 23rd, 2017 in Blog, Career Guidance
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3rd Year 3D Animation – The Legend of Aya

3rd Year 3D Animation – The Legend of Aya
We asked one of our very talented 3rd Year 3D Animation students, Antonio Henriques, to tell you a bit more of what they are currently busy with in their 3rd year. 3RD YEAR ANIMATION: The goal of animation in our 3rd year is to give us, as the students, a small taste into what the industry of animation is like in ... Read More

Prestige Academy Events Students Present – Women’s Evening 2017

August 14th, 2017 in Blog, Recent News
“Ek het Vrouemaand op ñ hoogtepunt afgeskop met Prestige Academy se jaarlikse vroueaand.” says Ingrid Venter-Groenewald, radio presenter at Radio Tygerberg.  The second semester is a rather busy period for the students studying towards their Diploma in Event Management. Students are tasked to plan and execute two private events.This year, the Annual Women’s evening was hosted on Wednesday, 2 August ... Read More
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