Whether you are a person that enjoys capturing the moment, drawing or designing to communicate a subliminal message or make it easier and more pleasing for users to navigate your website, creativity is always key, and I believe as long as creativity is around, the world will never seem dull, no one will ever be the same and excitement for what is to come will always be a stone throw away.

There is always something about grabbing someone’s attention with your projects that brings great satisfaction and drives the artist to excel even more in the creative environment. The look in someone’s eyes when they truly fall in love with your work or even when they feel confused and can’t make sense of the emotions that is suddenly overpowering them. It is in these times when the artist realise how powerful creativity really is. How a short film, a design, an image or a moment frozen in time can spark so much inspiration, emotion and passion into a person, which is actually quite frightening. In some cases we as artists lead our viewer’s emotions in such a way that our viewers will interpret our art form in a specific manner, of course not all viewers will interpret our art in the same way, but there is definitely a direction that we can lead them in. Creative people are the best kind of dangerous.

Don’t get me wrong, creativity is not always for someone to see, even at times, creativity can be shown as a form of self-expression, a form of self-entertainment or even as self-amusement. Creativity does not always have to come in the form of a logo, an animated film, a photo or a website. Creativity can come in many shapes and sizes. A doodle, the way you fold your clothes or arrange the furniture in your house. The way you pack your lunch box or even your sentence construction when you express those final words to your wife and kids before your day starts. If you enjoy putting a smile on someone’s face through the means of a joke, a silly gesture or pointing out something that you found amusing and funny, you definitely have a creative side in you. Once again don’t get me wrong, not all creative people are charismatic and enjoy placing smiles on people’s faces, but creativity shines the brightest with people that enjoys sharing and expressing emotion.

Some of us truly believe that we are not creative and never will be. Creativity is definitely something that you can better yourself at and practice truly makes perfect. The only true key is the passion and drive to be creative. Yes of course some of us just have that talent, which makes things easier for them. Some of us just have that key to unlock inspiration and creativity where others need to search for it. You do not need to be great to start, but you need to start to be great

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“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

Written by Jacques van Heerden