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Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is where art and science meet; by making use of the creative principles and guidelines that underpins marketing as a field, digital marketers scientifically analyse and utilise data to satisfy customer needs on an even more individual level (imagine your market as a dart board and digital marketing enabling you to zoom in closer on that bulls eye). The digital marketer needs the same characteristics and skill-set as the business marketer, but with an added flair with words and eye for data patterns in a marketing speciality that requires not only quick thinking but more crucially quick acting.

What will you do over the three years of study at Prestige Academy:

  • Within both the Business Marketing and Digital Marketing courses the first year of study will provide a solid foundation to the students. Fundamental principles of marketing is underpinned; and the so-called “marketing toolbox”  is handed over to students at the end of this year. A broad knowledge of all aspects would have been built up.
  • The second year of study sees this “toolbox” (your knowledge obtained in year 1) being unpacked, zooming in and learning how to exactly use these tools effectively. Business Marketing students focusing on the traditional marketing mix and the Digital Marketing students on the digital marketing mix. This will include social media, digital communication and SEO.
  • During the third and final year, students are expected to successfully showcase their use of these tools acquired in both year 1 and year 2. The students are required to take on real-life scenarios and projects, and use this “toolbox” to come up with creative and strategic solutions and campaigns. In both courses there is a strong focus on writing a comprehensive strategic marketing plan. Business Marketing students will focus on the commercial aspects of marketing (both on international and electronic platforms), while the Digital Marketing students has their focus on digital marketing analytics, mobile marketing and email marketing. This is all being addressed in a practical manner in class.
  • The last quarter of the final year is allocated to Work Integrated Learning. Here we expect our students to do internships within the relevant industry so that they get a sense of what the industry is about, what will be expected from them and to find a sense of which marketing speciality they are interested in pursuing.
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