On 2 February 2018 Centurion Academy and Prestige Academy hosted their annual sports day at Centurion Rugby Club. Thanks to the impeccable planning of Mr. Werner Steyn, head of the Rugby Academy, and his team, the sports’ day kicked off with a huge bang.

The students had the opportunity to enter their teams, consisting of 7 to 10 players. These teams would compete against each other throughout the day in 7 different sport types. Only 7 team mates played one game at a time and 7 games were being held switching between Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Netball, Baseball and Volleyball, therefor called 7’s. The SRC decided to take part in the fun and entered their team to compete. They all had an amazing time where each of the teams had the opportunity to play against the SRC and be able to laugh about all the silly moments.

When all the games were done prizes were given out to the best team and the best field player. The rest of the afternoon was spent as friends socializing while the DJ entertained us, giving the students the perfect opportunity to get to know their fellow CAPA’s.

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