Guide to complete your application


Please note that fees for Bellville and Centurion campuses differ.
Please find the Application Form and Registration Contract, below, that includes information on the tuition fees, as well as the terms and conditions. Please ensure that you (the applicant), the principal payer and/or the co-payer select all the fields where indicated and submit only when you are sure that you have completed all required fields. To enable us to process your enrolment, you are required to submit the below mentioned documentation to the Academy.

Early Enrolment Discount Options

Register before 31 July 2018 and qualify to pay 2018 tuition fees instead of 2019 tuition fees.
T&C: Registration fee and deposit must also be paid by 31 July 2018

Early Payment Discount Options:

The following early payment discount applies:
  • 13.5% if you settle the full programme fee by 30 September 2018
  • 11% if you settle the full programme fee by 30 November 2018
  • 8.5% if you settle the deposit on 30 November 2018 and the balance of the programme fee by 15 January 2019

Further steps after we have received the above mentioned documentation and R1500.00 non-refundable administration/application fee:

  • We will contact you telephonically whether your registration has been approved or not. You will receive an acceptance letter in the post and/or via e-mail informing you of the acceptance or non-acceptance of your registration.
  • Your student number will be issued.
  • You will then need to make payment of the programme deposit (R8000) by no later than 30 November 2018. Should you wish to make use of a bank loan, you need to proceed with your application at the financial institution of your choice.
  • International students need to apply for their study permit.


Section 1: Select Qualification

Click here to see the Prices of the Qualification (Faculty of Business).
Bachelor of Commerce in Business Marketing (NQF7)
Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management (NQF7)
Diploma (Business Management) (NQF7)
Diploma in Event Management (NQF6)

Section 2: Personal Details of Applicant

Your Registration fee of R1500 must accompany this application

Title (e.g. Mr. Ms)Date of Application21/02/2019
Full Name/s
Nick Name
SA Identity Number
Date Of BirthGender
Home Language
Other (Specify)
Speak & Write English
AverageBelow Average
South AfricanNamibian
Other (Specify)
Home AddressPostal Code
Postal AddressPostal Code
Home Tel No.Cell No.
Work Tel No.Fax No.
E-mail Address
High School NameMatriculation Year
Marital Status
Yes No
Population Group
Other (Specify)

Section 3: Medical Information

(Attach relevant documentation of disabilities and/or a medical certificate from a medical practitioner if the student has special learning needs and requires additional time for examinations. Late requests for amanuensis examinations for the student will only be allowed until end of January 2019)
Family Doctor (GP)Tel. Number
Physical Address Postal Code
Medical Aid NameMedical Aid No.
Do you have any learning disabilitiesNoYesDescribe
Do you have any physical disabilitiesNoYesDescribe
Do you have any psychological conditions?NoYesDescribe

Section 4: Student Pack

The student pack consists of a branded winter top and rucksack, 1st year teambuilding camp, 1st year braai, student card and printing card.
Student Winter Top
Select your preferred size

Section 5: Marketing Information

Where did you hear about us
ExhibitionSchool PresentationFriends/FamilyEx-Student
Have you applied anywhere else?NoYesWhere?

Section 6: Personal Details of Principal Payer of Account / Sponsor

Title (e.g. Mr. Ms)
Full Name/sSurname
Relation to applicantSA Identity Number
Home Language
Other (Specify)
South AfricanNamibian
Other (Specify)
If your details is the same to those of the student, please click here
Home AddressPostal Code
Postal AddressPostal Code
Home Tel No.Cell No.
Work Tel No.Fax No.
E-mail Address
Marital Status
In Community of Property Single
Out of Community of Property (with accrual) Divorced
Out of Community of Property (without accrual) Widow/er
Employment Status Self-employed Permanent Contract Casual/Temp Pensioner Unemployed
EmployerPosition in Company
Physical Address of EmployerPostal Code

Section 7: Personal Details of Co-Payer of account / Spouse

*If married in Community of Property, or Out of Community of Property with accrual, complete spouses details. If signing as co-payer, also complete. If company/bursar is the Principal payer, parent/guardian must also complete and sign as co-payer.
Title (e.g. Mr. Ms)
Full Name/sSurname
Relation to applicantSA Identity Number
Home Language
Other (Specify)
South AfricanNamibian
Other (Specify)
If your details is the same to those of the student and/or principal debtor, please click here
Home AddressPostal Code
Postal AddressPostal Code
Home Tel No.Cell No.
Work Tel No.Fax No.
E-mail Address
Employment Status Self-employed Permanent Contract Casual/Temp Pensioner Unemployed
EmployerPosition in Company
Physical Address of EmployerPostal Code

Section 8: Family Reference Confirmation and other Details

Family reference contact details (Not living with you and not the Principal-payer or Co-payer
Title (e.g. Mr. Ms)
Full Name/sSurname
AddressPostal Code
Home Tel No.Cell No.
Work Tel No.Fax No.
Where the Account Payer is not the parent or legal gurdian, this information needs to be filled in.
Title (e.g. Mr. Ms)
Full Name/sSurname
Relation to Applicant
Home Tel No.Cell No.
Work Tel No.Fax No.

Section 9: Payment Method

Pay on/before 30 September 2018 and receive 13.5% discount
Pay on/before 30 November 2018 and receive 11% discount
Pay the deposit of R8000 on/before 30 November 2018 and the balance of programme fee 15 January 2019 and receive 8.5% discount
External Student Loan or Incidental Credit Plan
Pay 10 instalments (1st instalment 1 February 2019 and 10th instalment 1 November 2019) to Prestige Academy
Have you applied for external bursary?YesNo
Have you applied for a student loan?YesNo
Financial InstituionTel:
When applying for a student loan with a financial institution, you will still be required to complete Section 10: credit analysis.
Will you be able to pay the monthly installments over 10 months in the event of the external bursary and/or student loan not being approved?YesNo
I want to apply for the "Fees must Freeze" and understand that it is only applicable to certain programs.YesNo

Section 10: Credit Analysis

Principal PayerCo-Payer
Have you ever been under debt review or are you currenlty under debt review or have you been declared insolvent?YesNoYesNo
Nett Month Salary
Regular Overtime
Specify Other Income e.g. Rental Income (After deductions)
*Please Submit Proof on the next page
A: Total Monthly Income
House Bond/s
Home Rates/Tax (Average)
Domestic: Water / Electricity (Average)
Vehicle/s Installments
Fuel / Travel Expense
Medical aid / hospital plan / medical expenses
Life Insurance Policies
Short Term Insurance on house and car
Food for Family
Clothing for family
School Fees / University Fees (Excluding Applicant)
Credit Card monthly repayments
Other loans monthly repayments (1)
Other loans monthly repayments (2)
Other loans monthly repayments (3)
B: Total Monthly Expenditure
A-B: Nett Monthly Income less Expenditure

Section 11: Application for Hostel Accommodation

Section 12: Debit Order Instruction (Compulsory if paying over 10 months)

Surname/Company Name
Account Holder Full Name
Identity/Company No.
Bank NameBranch Code
Bank Account No.
Account Type
Account Holder Cell No.
Account Holder E-mail
Tuition Fees, Instalments and Additional fees
DepositDeduct a once off deposit fee on 30 November 2018YesNo
Monthly Programme InstalmentsDeduct 10 Monthly instalments commencing on 1 February 2019, ending 1 November 2019YesNo
Tuition Full FeeYesNo
Student PackDeduct once off amount on 1 January 2019 (Student Pack)YesNo
KitsDeduct 1 Instalment on 1 June 2019 (Only applicable to: Visual Communication, Photography and Make-Up Students) (Kit)YesNo
KitsDeduct 1 Instalment on 1 June 2019 (Kit)YesNo
Graduation (Higher Certificate Students only)Deduct once off amount on 1 September 2019 (Graduation) YesNo

Section 13: Terms and Conditions / Declaration


This programme registration contract, concluded between Prestige Academy (Pty) Ltd (hereafter "Prestige Academy") and the Student/Principal Payer/Co-Payer (hereafter "the Student"), applies only to the 1st academic year. The Student will be required to register separately for each academic year and the annual registration fees apply to such annual registration.


The official prospectus/website of Prestige Academy contains the particulars of each programme offered by Prestige Academy. It is the Student's responsibility to ensure that he/she registers for the correct programme.


Prestige Academy has the right to make changes to the syllabus and content of a programme at any time, without prior notification and without furnishing reasons therefore. Changes will be communicated on Prestige Academy's website or through written communication to the Student as soon as the changes have been approved by institutional structures. Prestige Academy reserves the right to alter timetables.

13.4.1 FEES

The non-refundable programme application and registration fee is R2,350.00 and is payable when applying. No approval of the Student's application will take place unless the fee of R2,350.00 has been paid. By paying this fee does not automatically mean that the Student's application has been approved as several admission criteria must first be met. A late registration fee of R500.00 will be charged from 1 December 2018. In the event of a student arriving after commencement of classes, and the student requires additional tuition other than official classes, an additional fee of R350.00 per hour will be charged. The programme fees for 2019 are fixed.

13.4.2 ADDITIONAL FEES IT related examinations such as CompTia A+, MCSA and MCSE, etc. is not included in the tuition fee. All other assessment fees are included in the tuition fee. The 1st year student pack fee of R900 is payable by 1 January 2019. It includes: Student card, branded winter top and bag, 1st year teambuilding camp (compulsory), 1st year braai and 2019 diary. Kits & Stationery: As part of the Visual Communication Design, Photography and Make-up qualifications, a separate kit price is charged. The first part of the kit is payable on 1 January 2019 and the second part on 1 June 2019. If a student enrolled for the make-up qualification before 30 November 2018, and paid his/her registration fee and deposit, the student will receive the make-up kit free. Refer to website for additional stationery, products, camera, etc. to be purchased as per programme. It is the Student's responsibility to make sure of stationery requirements for the specific programme enrolled for. Stationery purchases are paid for by the Student. Transport, food, excursion & entrance fees relating to any official excursions or social events are not included in the fees and funded by the Student. Textbooks for the students in the Diploma in Information Technology Network Integration Specialist, or the Higher Certificate in Internetwork System Specialist are included at no additional fee. Prestige Academy reserves the right to make changes to tuition fees for 2019 in respect of these two programmes, should there be an increase in supplier fees. In some instances, the textbooks become the property of the students and in other instances the textbooks are borrowed from Prestige Academy to the student or notes are given for study purposes. Textbooks for all other programmes (except listed in does not form part of the programme fees. The Student will receive the booklist prior to programme commencement. Estimated textbook amounts are quoted. It is the Student's responsibility to purchase these books in advance prior to programme commencement and to ensure that he/she purchases the correct textbook and the correct version.

13.4.3 INCIDENTAL CREDIT ARRANGEMENT, INTEREST & ADMINISTRATION CHARGES All fees are payable in full by 15 January 2019. If the fees could not be settled by 15 January 2019, the Student may approach Prestige Academy in order to negotiate in respect of the provision of credit and the terms of such incidental credit arrangement. The usual preferred terms of such an arrangement would be based on payment in 10 (ten) monthly instalments as quoted on the fees list. In the event that instalments are not paid on due date, late interest in terms of the Prescribed Rate of interest Act, will be applicable. Administration fees such as warning/suspension letters, debit orders/cheques returned unpaid from the bank, telephone/cell phone and SMS charges will be charged and will vary between rates of R10.00 to R100.00 depending on the cost involved.

13.4.4 REDUCTION IN FEES The Student accept that he/she shall not be entitled to any reduction of fees whatsoever in the case of not attending classes. The Student accept that should payments according to this contract not be made for a period of two consecutive months, the Student will be barred from attending lectures. Prestige Academy reserves the right to exclude a student more than once from campus. The Student remains responsible for the full year's tuition fees. All parties to this contract agrees that Prestige Academy shall be entitled to exclude the student from lecturers, examinations or to view their results, without any reduction of fees, until the outstanding debt is paid up to date. The parties also agree that if the Student has been barred from lectures due to disciplinary steps taken, the fees will not be reduced.


It is advisable to all students paying their fees in instalments over a period of 10 months, to make use of the debit order system. No cash over the counter at the bank or the Academy will be accepted due to large cash deposit fees. Fees must be paid via EFT, or per cheque at the bank counter. Cash deposit fees will be charged at ABSA's cash handling fee.


13.5.1 Early Enrolment Discount: If the Student apply/registers before 31 July 2018, pays the R1500 administration/registration fee and R8000 programme deposit, the Student will qualify to pay 2018 programme fees for the programme applied for, instead of the 2019 fees, as quoted per fees list.

13.5.2 Early Payment Discount as per fees list applies. No discount will apply after 15 January 2019, even where a student loan and/or external bursary is paid out after 15 January 2019.


13.6.1 The Student is granted a cancellation period from the date of application till 15 January 2019. No cancellations will be accepted after this date. Cancellations must be in writing and send to

13.6.2 If the Student enrolled in January 2019 as a late registration, a 7 day cooling off period is granted to cancel.

13.6.3 R800 (10% of deposit) is charged as cancellation fee at any period of cancellation, irrespective if the Student paid the deposit or not.

13.6.4 The Student and all parties to this contract agrees that if he/she cancels after 15 January 2019, a penalty of 80% of the annual programme fee is charged as reasonable damages suffered by Prestige Academy.


Prestige Academy has the right in its sole discretion, to postpone or cancel tuition in any programme advertised and offered, on the basis of insufficient demand/enrolment. The Student will be offered an alternative programme to register for. If the Student do not want to change to an alternative programme, and wish to cancel, all fees except the registration fee of R2,350.00 will be refunded with no cancellation fee charged.


In the case of any circumstance or an extraordinary event beyond Prestige Academy's control, such as war, strike, riot, crime or act of God (e.g. floods, etc.), Prestige Academy is entitled to suspend lectures and temporarily close the campus affected thereby. In this event the student shall not by reason of such suspension or closure be entitled to terminate this agreement or claim a refund, fees paid or a reduction on fees payable or any compensation from Prestige Academy. Prestige Academy will as soon as possible transfer students to another building or repair damages in the current building(s) to continue with tuition. To catch up for lost time, lectures can also take place during evenings and/or weekends or on-line.


13.9.1 If the Student wishes to transfer from one qualification to another, he/she must apply in writing to do so within the first 7 days after commencement of classes. This transfer cannot be guaranteed as many factors have to be taken into consideration. Students need to communicate with the Campus Academic Manager.

13.9.2 The Student agrees that where he/she was conditionally approved for a programme (for example a degree) based on his/her grade 12 results (not the final results) and the Student no longer meets the criteria to study towards this programme (after final grade 12 results are available), the Student will be transferred to a programme on a lower level (for example diploma or higher certificate) in the same field of study. The Student may also select another field of study that meets the admission criteria.

13.9.3 The student can only transfer to another campus if the same programmes are being offered.

13.9.4 If the Student has enrolled for a two/three year qualification, but only completed part of the programme (e.g. only 1 of the 3 years of study), no qualification will be issued. The undersigned parties agree that the student and payer(s) will be held liable for the full annual tuition fee in the event of the student not completing the entire academic year, irrespective of the amount of days/weeks/months in class. It is agreed by the parties that this clause will only be waived in the case of the student passing away in which case the pro-rata fee based on semester fees will apply.

13.9.5 Exemption for Academic Credits is the process of formally recognising knowledge acquired previously based on recognition of prior learning (RPL). Students may apply for credit accumulation transfers when changing from one qualification to another, or transferring from another institution to Prestige Academy. Credit exemption will be considered only per successfully completed module (offered by an accredited higher education institution) that is on the same NQF level as the equivalent module offered at Prestige Academy. Approximately 80% similarity in outcomes and content will be sufficient to approve exemption and/or transfer. A fee of R750.00 administration fee is payable before the assessment process can start. Thereafter a fee of R500.00 is payable per module for the credit exemption applied for. Credit exemption is not automatic and will only be considered if assessment has been conducted by an accredited public and/or private higher education institution. (Further information is obtainable at the Academic Manager's office.)


The student has the right to voluntarily take part in the orientation and induction at Prestige Academy/Hostel. Orientation takes place in an orderly manner for example, academic orientation, braai, dances, teambuilding camp, concerts, etc.


The student/parent/guardian acknowledges that the student may be exposed to risks in the event of orientation workshops, training, field trips, camps, physical sport activities, travelling, etc. The student and the undersigned payer(s) hereby waive all claims against Prestige Academy owners and employees for any damages or loss suffered while the student is, or as the result of being, a student of this institution resulting in death, mental harm or arising from physical injury, or illness suffered by the student or any other person. Such consequences include any loss, destruction of or damage to any property belonging to the student or any other person howsoever the damage or loss is caused by, but is not limited to, the negligence of Prestige Academy or any official employee or representative of this institution.


The student and undersigned payer(s) understand, accept and agree

13.12.1 that Prestige Academy shall have the right to summarily terminate the student's programme and expel him/her from Prestige Academy should the undersigned breach any aforesaid undertakings or by reason of disciplinary actions taken

13.12.2 that the Student further give permission to Prestige Academy officials to do the necessary credit checks for credit arrangements;

13.12.3 that the Student also declare that the information in this application form/registration contract is complete and correct and

13.12.4 that the Student undertake to comply with all the rules and regulations, including the disciplinary rules and any amendments thereof as published from time to time and to acquaint the undersigned with all the provisions thereof. The student, sponsor/account payer and co-account payer declares by signing hereunder that they have studied the tuition and additional fees and accept these fees, the terms and conditions thereof. The Student accepts and agrees to be kept liable for all costs incurred by Prestige Academy, including, but not limited to attorney and client fees, collection charges and tracing charges in enforcing the obligations of the student under this agreement, to the maximum extent permitted by the National Credit Regulator. The Parties acknowledge their respective obligations to comply with the substantive provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 (hereinafter referred to as 'POPI') and declare that the information received shall not be disclosed without the consent of the disclosing party, to another company. The parties signing this contract gives permission that Prestige Academy may process and distribute relevant personal information where legally required, and/or obliged to do so. The Student give permission that Prestige Academy may use photographs, video's, etc. of social and academic nature of the Student in marketing, social media, printed brochures, etc. and the Student do not claim any royalties for the aforesaid. The same applies to designs, etc.


The Student binds him/her to Prestige Academy, jointly and severally, as co-sureties and co-payers for the payment of all fees and other charges due by them to Prestige Academy in terms of this contract. The parties consent to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate's Courts, in respect of any legal proceedings that may be instituted arising from or in respect of contract, notwithstanding the fact that the amount in dispute may exceed the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court. In this regard the parties choose as their domicilium citandi et executandi for all purposes their physical addresses included in this contract.


No concession, relaxation or indulgence granted by either of the parties to the other party shall be deemed to be a waiver of any of that party's rights in terms hereof, nor shall any relaxation or indulgence be deemed to be a notation of any of the terms and conditions of this registration contract. This contract shall constitute the whole agreement between the parties, and no amendment or agreed upon cancellation thereof shall bind the parties unless put in writing and signed by both parties.
Herewith I, the principal payer declares that I am selecting the tick box as electronic signature and that this document is true and legally binding.
Full Name Area/City
Herewith I, the co-payer declares that I am selecting the tick box as electronic signature and that this document is true and legally binding.
Full Name Area/City
Herewith I, the student/applicant declares that I am selecting the tick box as electronic signature and that this document is true and legally binding.
Full Name Area/City