Must I attend this event?


What is the purpose of this event?

The purpose of Enrolment Day is to get all your necessary administration completed so that you can focus on your studies from the start of your academic year. It also serves as a stress eliminator before your final exams commence!

Stages of Enrolment:

  • Arrive at Prestige Academy’s campus to be met by friendly staff and student ambassadors.
  • You will then be shown to a Marketing Executive.
  • Your Marketing Executive will prepare you for enrolment e.g. check that you have all the necessary paperwork at hand.
  • Should everything be in order, the Marketing Executive will continue with the final registration process.

 There are 5 stages to the Registration process:

Step 1: Choose your study career:

  • Make sure that you meet the admission requirements
  • Complete the registration form at the Enrolment Day or download the registration form from our website. You can also apply online HERE

Step 2: Take note!

  • Confirm your method of payment for fees/student accommodation.
  • Take note of the closing dates and special discount structures

Step 3: Time to pay…

  • Make payment of R2000 non-refundable administration/ registration fee

Step 4: How is my application considered?

  • The academic process takes place based on your programmes’ admission requirements
  • Financial approval takes place based on your payment method
  • Only signed and completed registration forms with all accompanied documentation and proof of registration payment will be considered


  • Congratulations! You have reached the step where you will be informed of your provisional or final acceptance.


PS: Remember to submit your final matric results.

PSS: Once you have received written approval, your student number will be issued to you. This student number may then be used as a reference for any further payments.

I’m a bit anxious to enter the “Student Life.”
If you are anxious about coming to College, this is not strange. If you would like to chat to someone, or get some personal support on Enrolment day, please contact one of the Marketing Executives at 021 949 5036 so that they can get in contact with you beforehand and of course they will be there to greet you and take you through the whole process.

And finally…
This is the start of a new beginning and an exciting time for you at Prestige Academy and we hope that you will enjoy your time with us.
Remember if you have any concerns please get in touch with us on our WhatsApp 084 268 0275 or email us HERE.