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“Why I chose Prestige Academy” – Lauren Bonafede

We asked Lauren Bonafede, a third year Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts in Visual Communication Design student, to tell us about her experience since day one at Prestige Academy.


I realised Prestige Academy was the college I wanted to go to when I took part in the Winter Workshop during my matric year in 2014. As soon as I walked in I felt it was the right place for a creative mind to be in. Moving on from high school to college was hardly an adjustment since everyone was so helpful and understanding. I was soon part of a family and a college who provided me with guidance and recognised my interests.

Since Prestige offers such a wide variety of courses it was easy to establish which would suit my needs best. With the help of the marketing department, I realised my potential to take on the Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts in Visual Communication Design. It offered everything I was interested in and I developed interests in other subjects I had not explored yet. I am so grateful to have delved into something I didn’t think I would be qualified for, since it has opened up many doors for me.

I was extremely anxious about taking the next step to look for employment once I had completed my course and I wasn’t sure where to start. This year, we were obligated to complete 400 hours of work-integrated learning at a design/photography company of choice to gain experience and a feel of the workplace. I started at Rogerwilco, a digital marketing agency, and immediately felt the change of pace. I knew the creative field was where I belonged and I put everything I have learned thus far into practice. The Visual Arts in Visual Communication Design course presented me with knowledge in different aspects of a creative assignment, including subjects like designing for a specific context, photography, editorial work and web development, to name just a few. I could apply everything I knew into the work I was doing at Rogerwilco and was partnered up with a former student of Prestige Academy, current friend and recently promoted Junior Art Director, Geon Burden. He completed the Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts in Visual Communication Design and was offered employment at Rogerwilco where he is satisfied and content with the choices he has made and how it has helped him grow from graduate, to designer, to junior art director.

I feel like no other course could have given me the skills or experience I have acquired from being at Prestige Academy and I am proud of what I have been able to achieve in the past three years. Not only have I increased my love for art and creativity, but I have proved I can do more than what I limit myself to.

Some of Lauren’s work:

Visual Communication Visual Communication Visual Communication Visual Communication Visual Communication



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