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1. Studying a creative course, such as Graphic Design, promotes creativity in all aspects of life. 

The more often the creative parts of your brain are stimulated, the stronger it will become. You may find yourself more easily coming up with creative solutions to problems you may experience in day-to-day life. 

2. It teaches you time management 

Arts and design courses are riddled with deadlines. Every single project has a due date, and it is the student’s responsibility to improve their time management skills to complete these tasks on time. This is a very valuable life skill that will help you in your career and personal life. 

3. There is a market for graphic designers, and it is steadily growing

Everything from advertising, packaging, to website design, can employ the skills and work of a graphic designer.

4. Graphic Design is meditative 

Spending time concentrating on design, whether you work with your hands or on a computer, can give you a chance to clear your mind and relax. By taking a break from the daily rat race, you will be lowering your stress levels and improving your health. 

5. Studying a creative course is FUN!

If you are going to invest a lot of money into your education and embark on a journey to a lifelong career, it may as well be something fun and something you enjoy! Your stress levels will be lower and your output quality will be much higher if you love what you do. 

6. You will most likely stay in school 

Research has shown that students are most likely to remain in a course if their creativity is regularly stimulated. If you are a creative, sitting through lecture after lecture of cold hard facts does not sound very appealing.

7. It is not a static field 

Graphic Design methods and technology is continually changing as trends come and go and technology advances. If you are scared that you might become stagnant in your career choice, then studying towards a creative course, such as Graphic Design, could be the key to keeping you interested in the career path that you have chosen.

8. You can express yourself 

For some unique individuals who need a creative outlet to truly blossom in life, studying graphic design could improve to be not only free but lucrative as well. You can get paid for your creative spark that drives you to be a little different than everyone else.  

9. You get to meet other people and share your creativity and interest

Graphic Design attracts like-minded individuals. You never know what awesome new people you might meet or what talented individuals you can get teamed up with to learn form. 

10. You can start when YOU are ready 

Students in creative courses at universities vary in age, as well as gender and ethnicity. Creativity does not come in any particular package and you will fit into your classes, no matter how early or late you are getting started on the path to furthering your education.