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    When finding out if the Private Higher Education Institution you are applying for will help you to secure a job in the industry you are studying for, don’t wait to hear about it via the grapevine.

    Prestige Academy offers more than just an excellent tertiary education. You become part of the Prestige family and we provide academic support from day one. But don’t just take our word for it! We interviewed some of our Alumni to give you insight into what you can expect from studying at our institution and how Prestige Academy has played a major role in assisting students to get the industry exposure needed to apply for a job.

    What is noteworthy to mention is that students not only work a certain amount of hours in their field of study through Work Integrated Learning (Degree Programmes), Work-based Learning (Diploma Programmes) or Experiential Learning (Certificate Programmes) and gain industry-related knowledge but students also attend a CV and referencing workshop, and in some programmes have to present a portfolio to the Academic Department which then helps them to stand out from the crowd when applying for a job.

    Part of the Work Liaison Officer at Prestige Academy’s role is to connect students with suitable companies for their practical work experience. The Academic Department works closely with companies in the respective industries and receives feedback on the syllabus and what the industry requires. This also helps students to be work ready when they leave the “nest”.

    Janine Lubbe is a Diploma in Tourism Management graduate from Prestige Academy, who forms part of the Prestige Academy Alumni. She is currently a Tour Consultant for a travel and tourism company called Highline Tours.  “It is wonderful to see how what I studied is applied outside of the classroom.” She says that her studies not only prepared her for the industry but she is also independent when it comes to doing her work. She mentions that Prestige Academy prepared her with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the industry.

    “The layout of the curriculum was designed to help us in the future,” she says.

    Megan Pritchard is a BCom in Business Marketing graduate from Prestige Academy, who now works at Ogilvy Namibia and has worked on the marketing for brands like KFC, Old Mutual, and Shell.  She says that no book could ever prepare you for the real working world.  She mentions that the Work Integrated Learning she completed in her final year of studying was “a great experience and definitely a good eye-opener”.

    Megan Pritchard

    Megan Pritchard – Prestige Academy Alumni

    Megan was Chairperson of the Student Representative Council in 2014 and says that there are many reasons why she chose to study at Prestige Academy.

    “I loved the small family vibe, the culture is great, the premises is safe and clean, and the staff is friendly and welcoming. I had some of the best lecturers ever and I also never felt alone – if you didn’t understand something or if you weren’t doing too well in a subject, the lecturer would make a point of helping you until you ace it! Over and above that, they believed in me and gave me the best opportunities a student could ask for.”

    Feedback from our Academic Department is that companies would sometimes ask specifically for Prestige Academy students to “job shadow” with them. “We’ve had companies coming back to us and asking if they could get more of our students because of the knowledge our students have that is relevant to what the industry requires,” says Mrs. Veda Liebenberg, Academic Manager at Prestige Academy.

    “Students who put in everything in class and do their best are the students who successfully hold a job. It is part of our responsibility to assist students as best as we can in preparing them for the real world. We are proud to say that the feedback we receive from both students and companies have been very positive,” she says.

    There are also instances where students from different programmes would work together on a project, for instance where a 3D animation student would work on a project for a company who then needs a web design and developer student to create their website and integrate the 3D animation into their company website.

    In doing so students cross-pollinate their knowledge learned in class between different projects for different companies.

    All in all, the Academic Department plays a major role in assisting students to be work ready and apply for an industry related job. So, why wait on applying with an institution that offers more than just excellent academic support? Become part of the Prestige Academy family today.

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