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    Information technology is a developed and continually fluctuating industry, promising a wide range of opportunities. If you have always loved the idea of working with computers, a career in information technology is the ideal pathway for you to choose. 

    Whether you are interested in the technical support, network administration, or software development, Prestige Academy’s Higher Certificate in Internetwork Systems Specialisation can help you define your strengths and lead you on the right path to success. 

    To make your decision easier, we have listed seven great reasons for you to work in information technology.

    1. Opportunities 

    Information Technology is a rapidly evolving field. Most new businesses need people with general skills and understanding of how to support information technology activities in the workplace, it does not matter what industry you are looking into,

    With a Higher Certificate in Internetwork Systems Specialisation, you can find work in the areas of technical support, network administration, web technologies, and digital media and technologies. You could be employed in roles such as:

    • IT Project Manager
    • Information Security Specialist 
    • Network Engineer
    • Cloud Architect 
    • IT Administrator 
    2. Variety 

    One of the most exhilarating aspects of having a career in information technology is how it overlaps with so many industries. This means you can find work in just about any sector you like – the possibilities are truly endless. 

    You might find yourself following a career path in medicine, healthcare, transportation, arts and entertainment, education, law, agriculture or non-profits. Get started by registering for the Higher Certificate in Internetwork Systems Specialisation.

    3. Growth 

    As technology continues to evolve, your career in the information technology field, can too! Information technology is not a static industry. New opportunities open up every day within businesses or related fields. With the Higher Certificate in Internetwork Systems Specialisation under your belt, you can rise. 

    4. Challenges

    When you become a professional in technology, your key goal is to solve every problem that people run into. If you are ready to face challenges like this, the information technology industry will bring out the best in you. Whether you work in technical support, network administration or as a network engineer, your work will never be boring. 

    So much of the information technology progression relies on creativity and problem-solving. Our Higher Certificate in Internetwork Systems Specialisation will give you the skills needed to respond to technical problems with innovative solutions, and make positive impacts on the success of workplaces. 

    5. Money

    As technology underpins the success of many different industries, it is no surprise that technology professional is in high demand. Talented technology professionals will always be employed as long as digital problems exist in the workplace.

    Depending on the industry, this demand translates into considerable earning potential. The more challenging the work, the more it is valued. 

    6. Innovation 

    If you are interested in working at the leading edge of research and innovation, the technology industry is the right place to be in. Essentially, technology is focused on breaking boundaries and improving our everyday lives.

    Technology professionals will naturally move forward with the industry, being its technical support to software development. A career in information technology will constantly expose you to new developments and concepts, whether you are on the creative side or the support side.

    7. Satisfaction 

    When you work in IT, you get to help your co-workers one way or another. Here is an example, if you’re working in a support role, you assist people in fixing their problems or giving advice on how to improve their work. On another note, if you’re a developer, you can create solutions for all types of needs.

    Whatever area of IT you get into, it’s satisfying to know that the industry is based around making people’s lives easier, more productive, and more interesting. 

    If you are ready to begin a rewarding career in information technology, register today for the Higher Certificate in Internetwork Systems Specialisation at Prestige Academy.