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    Why should you study marketing? Is it the right choice for you? These are important questions to ask as you decide which career path to pursue. Read on to see what marketing is all about and if you are cut out for this exciting and fast-paced career. 

    Why study marketing?

    This is perhaps the first question you should ask yourself as you consider pursuing a degree in marketing. A marketing degree will open many doors for you, as it is an essential and in-demand job. 

    Is marketing right for you?

    Choosing marketing as a career path is exhilarating and rewarding, but you need to have a combination of several personality traits and characteristics to make it in the marketing world. Successful marketers come from different backgrounds. There are some personality qualities marketers tend to have in common; you need to be self-motivated and creative, you have to be a team player and be able to work in well in a team environment, you have to be detailed-orientated, you must be able to plan but also open to last-minute changes, be able to understand your consumer and you must be optimistic. The list can go on and on, but these are only a basic idea of what a marketer is. truth is that there is no one trait or list of specific traits that a marketing professional needs to have, but a sort of combination of all of them all.

    Is it a good career path to choose?

    Ask yourself, is marketing a good career path to choose? Marketing positions are becoming a priority in many companies and therefor student who studies towards a degree in marketing can get a job almost anywhere these days. When you study marketing you don’t study a specific type or area of a business, you will study marketing as a whole and all the different responsibilities involved in a career in marketing. There are endless career opportunities in the field of marketing. 

    Is it a career you’ll enjoy?

    We know now that there are more than enough of job options out there, but what will a marketing job involve? There is the standard data collecting, working out marketing budgets and strategies, but what about the exciting stuff? The fun part of the job depends on you. Let us take an example of a marketing company to show students how cool marketing can be.

    Let us take Nike for example. Nike lost the opportunity to be the official sportswear sponsor of the 2012 Summer Olympics to their biggest competitor, Adidas. When this happened, Nike realised that they weren’t going to get all the perks and exposure of being the official sponsor, so they had to go back to the drawing board and had to come up with a great marketing campaign that would compensate for this. That is where Nike’s “Find Your Greatness” campaign came to life. The campaigns main focus was on identifying with your everyday athlete. The majority of Nike’s consumers don’t compete in the Olympics; they are your everyday high school basketball players, runners, cyclists, and swimmers. Nike made an amazing and inspirational video about everyday athletes pushing their limited and finding their own greatness. They used social media to share this video and to engage with potential consumers. Only one of Nike’s videos had more than 4 million views, and Nike’s campaign was featured in the media almost as much as Adidas during the Summer Olympics. Moral of the story? Nike’s marketing team planned their campaign around an inspirational message, a message their consumers could identify with. The best part of the whole thing? Nike did not even spend half of the money Adidas did to get the Summer Olympic sponsorship. 

    As you ask yourself the questions “is marketing right for you” or “why study marketing”, just think about all the countless job opportunities, cool job description, and the fact that you might have the perfect personality type to excel in the marketing world. Studying marketing presents students with a lot of different career opportunities—it doesn’t confine you to one type of business or industry. 

    After you graduate with your Bachelor of Commerce in Business Marketing, Diploma in Business Marketing or Higher Certificate in Business Marketing at Prestige Academy, you can decide what type of marketing job you’d like to have and make it happen!