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Have you been rejected by one of the public universities and you feel you have no alternative plan?

Or is it a matter that you still haven’t heard back from the university you applied at?

It is not too late to pursue your dreams.  You can still register for the course you were dreaming about.  At Prestige Academy proudly part of Stadio Multiversity, the registrations are open until 15 January 2020 (T’s&C’s apply). 

Studying at a public university is not your only option to choose from.  So what is the difference then?

All higher education institutions, both public (universities) and privates like Prestige Academy, have to be compliant with the same accreditation requirements and all programmes are evaluated against the HEQSF (Higher Education Qualification Sub-framework) in the same manner (by a panel of independent academics) upon which accreditation is awarded, or not.  In other words, our qualifications are quality assured exactly the same as those at universities. It is a SAQA requirement that all applicants must give evidence of international comparability of a qualification submitted for accreditation and registration. This is to ensure that qualifications offered by higher education institutions in South Africa are of equal standard compare to those in other countries.

Upon accreditation, every qualification receives a SAQA ID-Nr (which anybody can Google on SAQA’s website). Should any programme offered by a university or private institution not appear on the SAQA website and have an ID-Nr, it means it is not legitimate. The third quality check for legitimacy is a certificate that lists all qualifications a particular institution is allowed to offer – this certificate is issued annually and must be displayed at the entrance of the provider for any member of the public to see.

Our classes are smaller, which means that you are not just a number in the class.  You receive far more personal attention from your lecturer who could easily identify your strengths and weaknesses.  The lecturers will guide you to become the best student that you can be.

The DNA of Prestige Academy is its strong family values who offers a dynamic student life and hostel accommodation. 


We offer many different pathways for students who did not qualify for Diploma or Degree studies.  You can climb the academic ladder by first applying for a Higher Certificate, then proceed with an Advanced Certificate or Diploma qualification.  Remember that any Degree Qualification will always carry more theoretical depth in comparison with a Diploma or Certificate that contains far more practical application in general.  Some of our qualifications are one of a kind i.e. Bachelor of Commerce in Project Management. 

Prestige Academy’s curriculum is also unique and each course is tailor-made to specific requirements to meet industry standards. 


Our late registration dates are between 1 December 2019 until 15 January 2020.  Don’t wait until the last day as a late registration fee does apply.

Since our classes are smaller, we can accommodate only a certain amount of students per year, so download your application form from our website today OR apply online HERE