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    Stephanie Esterhuizen is a creative in her own right, she stems from a background of Fashion Design, Production Design and Costume, Make-up and Styling.

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    As a freelancer, she has worked on multiple commercials in the art department, and in the wardrobe department. She was also the Head of Department for SFX makeup on a Locally Produced film called “The Unforgiving” directed by Alastair Orr.

    Stephanie has been teaching in various fields of study for the past 13 years while she is actively busy in the film industry as well, it is her knowledge of the industry that she brings into her classroom.

    When asked her opinion of Prestige Academy’s Higher Certificate in Film and TV Make-up Design she had the following to say:

    “Students’ general understanding is normally challenged when they come to Prestige Academy for the Higher Certificate in Film and TV Make-up Design, as their perception is normally that make-up is only beauty make-up.

    Prestige Academy offers a course that not only allows the students to be creative but also to empower them to do research and to be inquisitive about the subject matter. The course consists of various fields from fashion and beauty make-up to special effects make-up, which is great because it covers all the basic theory and practical applications needed to become a make-up artist.

    As students are very connected with the world of make-up through Social Media they have been studying how to apply makeup, However, when they step into this class they are taught that makeup is not only used to beautify but to create interesting characters for Film and TV.

    The theory they are taught is also new to them and thus the students get the full package at Prestige Academy.”

    Some of our student work:

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