Register at one of our Open Days and stand a chance to win R10 000 discount on your tuition fees.

Terms and conditions:

  1. This is a lucky draw competition.   
    1. Student must complete the application and registration contract and register (pay the registration fee) at one of our Open Days.
    2. The Application and Registration Contract: All relevant documentation, signatures and information to be complete. No information or documentation to be outstanding.
    3. Pending Application and Registration Contracts as well as Administration and Registration fees will unfortunately forfeit the possibility to participate in this lucky draw competition.
    4. The Open Days take place on the following dates: Saturday, 5 May 2018 and Saturday,28 July 2018.
    5. Student must pay the deposit fee by the closing date of registration that is on Friday, 30 November 2018.
    6. The student must meet the admission requirements for the programme he/she has registered for.
    7. This competition is only applicable to a first year student (new applicant – registering for the first time at Prestige Academy) for the 2019 academic year.
    8. A panel will be present on the day when the lucky draw takes place to ensure validity of the draw.
    9. The R10 000 can only be deducted from the tuition/programme fee and no other fees such as the registration, deposit or additional fees.
    10. The discount amount cannot be exchanged for cash.
    11. Should the student abscond for whatsoever reason, the discount amount of R10 000 will automatically be reversed (debited) to the account and will become payable.
    12. A student who exits the programme before the end of the 2019 academic year will forfeiting the R10 000 discount amount and the amount will become payable.
    1. The discount amount is only intended for studies at Prestige Academy and cannot be transferred to any other institution.
    2. The discount cannot be used for other purposes other than the reason stipulated above.
    3. The winner will be announced on 3 December 2018.
    4. Should the applicant make use of other discount structures such as the #Feesmustfreeze or Early Payment (full settlement), the discount amount will be credited towards their account for the following year (2nd year) or refunded to the account holder in the case where the student only applied for a 1 year programme at Prestige Academy.
    5. Only 1 winner will be selected across both campuses.