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    Why Study Tourism? (Some May Surprise You)

    Do you ever envision yourself leading tours of exotic, international locations? Maybe you would love to head out onto the high seas and become a cruise director. Or how about working in a world-class hotel, making sure that your guest’s trip is as memorable as...

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    Centurion Enrolment Evening – What is the fuss about?

    Prestige Academy’s Enrolment Evening will be held at Prestige Academy Bank Avenue, Centurion campus on Wednesday, 9 October 2019 from 10:30 – 19:00. Prestige Academy, proudly part of Stadio Multiversity, is celebrating 25 years of Excellence in the Private Higher...

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    Why YOU should study Visual Communication Design

    Visual Communication offers the widest choice of specialist subjects under one collective course; Graphic Design, Illustration, and Photography. This Visual Communication Design undergraduate course squad is made up of specialist lecturers and visiting...

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    What is Event Management All About?

    Event management is a fast-paced, high-pressure, yet very exciting and satisfying career path to follow. Depending on your interests you can organise events such as weddings, corporate functions, fashion shows, concerts, political and sporting events, and even...

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    Why YOU should become a Web Developer

    Web development broken down into ‘everyday terms’ means developing a website for the internet. Various methods are involved when it comes to creating a website and to get it up and running like coding, programming or designing, etc. Web development mainly deals...

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    Why study Film and TV Make-up Design?

    If you are looking for a new, exciting and rewarding career as a make-up artist – look no further!!! Here at Prestige Academy, we want to help turn those dreams of fashion shoots, film, television, and freelance work into a reality with our Higher Certificate in...

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    5 Reasons to study Information Technology

    Choosing a career path can be very stressful and overwhelming. To find what your perfect career choice would be, you should evaluate yourself and decide what YOU truly enjoy doing. Today, everything is about technology. It is seen in every aspect of our modern...

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    What are the benefits of studying Business Management?

    Official statistics suggest that business management is one of the most popular courses amongst university students worldwide. Business Management constantly outperforms all other courses at this level. The question many of you ask – what are the benefits of...

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    Why make Information Technology your career choice!

    Take a look around. IT is everywhere. And every day, it changes the world. By studying IT at Prestige Academy – you can help drive that daily transformation. IT – what’s not to love? At Prestige Academy, we get IT, we love it – and we want you to love it,...

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    8 Reasons to study Marketing at Prestige Academy

    The standard definition of marketing is ‘A form of communication between you and your customers with the goal of selling your product or service to them ‘. Sounds a bit dry, eh? But actually, it’s not. Imagine creating something of your own. It may be a dress or a...

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