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Do you want to be a photographer, but not sure if it is worth the time and money?

Find out what a Prestige Academy photography course can offer you, and how even a basic Higher Certificate can fast-track your professional or freelance photography career.

When photography was invented almost 200 years ago, probably no one imagined quite the power and gigantic scale it would claim in our society.

Think of all the spaces photography has been influencing, and how often it features in your own life and surroundings. From family albums, ultrasounds, profile pictures, and movie posters – to ID or passport pics, business ads, and fashion shoots. It is everywhere. These days we even find (accidental) animal selfies. No jokes.

Photography as a career choice

For some people the love of photography ends with the pure appreciation of it – whether it is the appreciation of art, aesthetics, or just the ability it has to capture a special moment. Others take it a notch further and not only appreciated, but actively participate in taking photographs – for fun, or as a hobby, or even for their social media. Again – selfies.

Then there are the individuals who not only love photography but are so good at it that they decide to do it professionally. There are many freelance photographers who use their passion and talent to make money on the side – and just as many professional photographers who take photos for a living.

Some examples of areas photographers delve into:

  • Fashion, show business, and advertising
  • Street art, nudes, and photojournalism
  • Travel Photography
  • Family and Maternity shoots
  • Wildlife and Underwater photography
  • Action sports, wedding and other events
  • Food Photography
  • Science Photography

Why Should I Study Photography?

This is a very good question. Why should you? It is no secret that many photographers are self-taught. In today’s online world, you can find camera user tutorials and easy photo-editing software pretty quick sticks. And when it comes to actually snapping pics, a lot of it comes down to trial and error.

If this is the case, why do so many institutions, including Prestige Academy, offer photography courses in a discipline that you can theoretically do without formal training.

Actually, there are MANY REASONS. Many really good reasons too!

A photography course will make you:

  • Really understand your camera. You can’t compare a user manual to the kind of expert help you get from lecturers and experienced photographers. The Higher Certificate in Photography will teach you the basic anatomy and functionality of your camera, like how and when to use a flash, or how to work in the darkroom.
  • Introduce you to techniques, methods, and conventions. Each and every person can click a button and take a photo, but not everyone knows about certain conventions, or what works and doesn’t work in terms of lighting settings, depth or texture. It is important to be aware of various conventions so that when you want to sell your photos to a specific market, you know what to aim for when you click away.
  • Expose you to different niches. If you want to make this your career, you will have to figure out your niche for yourself – certain subjects that you love capturing. Maybe you want to focus on studio photography, or maybe even you are the kind of person who can sit or 8 hours hiding in a bush, just to capture that one perfect photo of a buffalo stampede. The Higher Certificate in Photography will give you valuable insight and practical knowledge on how to enter those niches.
  • Teach you how to use editing software. Photographs are almost always retouched. But the aim is to not make them look retouched. You learn this by understanding the important elements of photo editing, working with software like Photoshop, and how to manipulate images to the way you want them to look. Learning these skills in a course with trained professionals will save you a lot of time and it gives you the opportunity to ask as many complex questions about the programmes you want.
  • Help you start your own photography business. Now here is something for which you want a mentor. When it comes to starting your business and making your services known, you want the best advice and guidance you can get. The Higher Certificate in Photography will teach you business tactics, entrepreneurial skills, and provide you with personal advice from a network of professionals and experienced photographers. Nothing beats first-hand experience and hearing what did and did not work for other people in the same industry.


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