PRESTIGE ACADEMY is proud to announce that we became part of STADIO Multiversity during October to usher in a new and exciting era for the institution.

STADIO Multiversity evolved from the Curro Schools model by acquiring six (6) top private higher education brands, namely AFDA, Embury Institute for Higher Education, LISOF, Milpark Education, Southern Business School and now proudly Prestige Academy as well.

stadio multiversity

A Multiversity is defined as ‘a large and diverse institution of higher learning, with several campuses, created to provide a high quality of education and to widen access to higher education learning for Southern African school-leavers and adults’.

We believe that the approach of drawing the brands together will leverage certain advantages that exist in the various institutions for students who are part of STADIO Multiversity. Our further aim is to pool the individual strengths of each institution to form STADIO Multiversity. You can find out more about STADIO Multiversity by visiting the website at that explains our relationship.

The economies of scale as a larger institution enables STADIO Multiversity to implement bigger and better systems without passing the financial burden to the student. Students will enjoy best-in-class systems that enhance the teaching and learning programme.

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STADIO Multiversity will allow us to establish campuses with either a single faculty or with multiple faculties, depending on the programmes and the best interests of our students.

Merging with STADIO Multiversity will mean that you could increase the flexibility of your study programme, expand your opportunities, and allow you to become part of a much bigger network of students and STADIO Multiversity alumni.

The process of merging will happen over a period of two (2) years and will not affect the current students at Prestige Academy.

What does this mean for you?

• PRESTIGE ACADEMY sites of offering, infrastructure, academics, and academic support will remain in place across all our campuses. The quality of the current and future programmes is ensured.
• STADIO Multiversity has no intention of reducing the number of its campuses and, if anything, we have every intention to increase the number of campuses across Southern Africa. This will expose you to a multitude of facilities and opportunities.
• STADIO Multiversity will not generate higher student fees. It is committed to improving access to higher education and we are critically aware of the national socio-economic climate that is often a barrier to access for prospective students.
• STADIO Multiversity will always be committed to striving towards affordability and value for money. This will be easier and more achievable once we are merged as STADIO Multiversity because of economies of scale.

Over the past two months, our Group CEO, Dr. Chris van der Merwe, had extensive engagement with all of our key stakeholders. This included the Department for Higher Education and Training (DHET), the Council on Higher Education (CHE), key corporate partners, shareholders, the staff of all the institutions at each campus, and the SRCs of the contact learning institutions. This took the form of 21 two-hour presentations in Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, and Pretoria.

We were inspired by the overwhelming positivity from all our stakeholders towards our Vision, Purpose, and Plans on becoming the merged STADIO Multiversity. Based on the questions raised by the collective stakeholder groups, a summary of the clarification provided to them is attached to this letter.

If there is anything else you would like to know or if you have any suggestions, please feel free to email us at and we will revert back to you as soon as possible.

We are proud and pleased to share this very exciting journey with you.