Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts in Visual Communication Design

SAQA ID: 80448 | NQF Level: 7 | Credits: 375 | Course Duration: 3 Years


The Bachelor of Arts degree will be student’s entry into the world of graphic design and photography. Doing this degree you will graduate as a highly-trained graphic designer, ready to start your own business or work for local or international design companies.

Communication design will prepare students for a career in visual communication by focusing on conceptual thinking, semiotics and problem-solving tactics. It provides a solid foundation for a career in the graphic and print design industry – covering typography, advertising and packaging to name but a few. This program demands individual creativity, teamwork skills and adaptability while preparing students to enter the job market with practical experience and a full, professionally reviewed portfolio.


Photography is a highly creative and competitive field of practice. The student will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge of most photographic components. The student will get an in-depth knowledge of the art and science of photography, the mechanics of photography, digital as well as analogue imaging, and studio practices. Being a very technical subject, a great deal of time is spent handling the camera and working with it in many different settings both on campus as well as off campus through practical application. This subject will provide students with the technical competence, artistic sensitivity and self-confidence to master various photographic genres.


Illustration deals with creating graphic, visual representations that convey factual and sensory information about a particular idea or concept. Students are exposed to a wide variety of traditional and digital techniques used to create illustrations and drawings.

You will focus on investigating and developing design projects in a studio environment. The focus of this program is to develop an individual portfolio of creative work that you can use when applying for further study or employment. You will also become competent in industry standard software including Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. This degree builds and develops your design skills so you can progress to an entry level position in commercial, electronic and advertising design.

Curriculum For The Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts in Visual Communication Design

First Year
  • Visual Imaging Studies
    • History of Design
    • Graphic Design & Typography
    • Digital Illustration
  • History of Photography
  • Photography Theory
  • Applied Photography
  • Image Creation and Composition
  • VisCom Design Business
  • Presentation Skills
  • Contextual Info Design
  • Creative Thinking
  • Foundations of Drawing
  • Statistical Methods
Second Year
  • Visual Imaging Studies
  • Graphic Design & Typography
    • (Layout & e-Print Production)
  • Photography Theory
  • Applied Photography
  • Viscom Design Philosophy
    • (Graphic Communication as Art / Photography as Art / Project Design)
  • Viscom Design Business
  • Professional Practice
  • Contextual Info Design
  • Academic Literacy
  • Entrepreneurship
Third Year
  • Visual Imaging Studies
    • (Digital Illustrations, Image Manipulation & HTML/WordPress)
  • Graphic Design and Typography
  • Contemporary Local Viscom
  • Contextual Info Design
  • Research Methodology
  • Work-integrated Learning


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Future Careers – What will you become?

Art Director
Graphic Artist/Designer
Commercial Artist
Advertising Designer
Layout Artist
Production Artist
Visual Artist
Typography Designer
Photo Journalist
Commercial Photographer


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