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    SAQA ID: 83227 | NQF Level: 7 | Credits: 370 | Course Duration: 3 Years


    3D animation and design is one of the most rapidly expanding areas of creativity and technical development. Animated films, television and advertising graphics, computer games design and architectural modeling are some of the most visible products of
    this industry.

    In the first academic year, you will gain the foundational knowledge about 3D Design & Animation. You will accumulate a foundation of knowledge about the pre-production process for animation storytelling as far as lighting design, scene set-up and animation is concerned. In the second year, you will sharpen your skills with a specially designed curriculum that builds on the basic knowledge gained in the first year.

    At the end of your second year, you will produce a 3D Animation short film project aimed at honing your skills and enable you to showcase your proficiency in 3D Animation. You will also learn how to market yourself through the creation of a portfolio website where your best work will be showcased. As a Bachelor of Applied Arts in 3D Animation student, you will progress to your third year where you will acquire the skills necessary to perform in the upper creative divisions of the animation industry. You will learn techniques related to scriptwriting for animation films, directing and producing animation feature films.

    1st YEAR

    • Philosophy and History of Animation
    • Foundations of Drawing
    • 3D Computer Graphics
    • 3D Animation 1
    • Drawing & Design in Context
    • Presentation Skills
    • Contextual Info Design 1
    • Creative Thinking
    • Academic Literacy

    2nd YEAR

    • 3D Computer Graphics 2
    • 3D Animation 2
    • Drawing for Animation
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Contextual Info Design 2
    • Statistical Methods

    3rd YEAR

    • Script Writing for Animation
    • 3D Computer Graphics 3
    • 3D Animation 3
    • Contextual Info Design 3 
    • Research Methodology
    • Work-integrated Learning

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    3D Designer
    3D Modeller
    Concept Artist
    3D Texture Artist
    Colour Key Artist
    Colour Key Artist
    Render Wrangler
    Forensic Animator
    Animation Film Director
    Visual Development Artist
    Animated Character Supervisor
    Post Production Artist & Supervisor

    Student Work


    Artstation Portfolios

    SEMESTER 1: Students were tasked with creating an architectural interior rustic themed living space. This process was used to illustrate to the students on two aspects, first was how Autodesk 3d Studio Max works on a basic level, and secondly that no matter how complex an image or object is, it will always be the result of much less detailed smaller components. This mindset allows students to break complex compositions into easier to handle parts.

    Lubabalo Kwayiba

    Frederika Siemens

    SEMESTER 2: Students are introduced to more complicated modelling. They are tasked with following a tutorial series, while guided by the lecturer to model a Bugatti Veyron. This process helps them explore Autodesk 3D Studio Max further, building on semester 1’s work. By creating the Bugatti vehicle they learn about hard edge modelling as well as a variety of different troubleshooting techniques that they will encounter during the creation of similar future projects.

    Lubabalo Kwayiba

    Frederika Siemens

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