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    SAQA ID: 99647 | NQF Level: 7 | Credits: 380| Course Duration: 3 Years


    Event managers are needed in almost any kind of business – entertainment, finance, government, retail, fashion, sport and music. Their day to day job may be filled with a range of exciting challenges. Event management is the co-ordination, running and planning of all the people, teams and features that come together to create any kind of event. Events usually require many different teams to come together, often involving several external suppliers. Successful events depend on team members, flexibility and a commitment to good cross-team communication. If you love being part of a team and working with people to create something unique, events could well be the path for you.

    An event management team needs strong leadership to perform at its best. Negotiations between clients, suppliers, companies or venue staff require flexibility, quick thinking, buckets of initiative and exceptional decision making. A particular ability to spot good compromises and to know what is essential to the success of the event marks out an excellent event team leader. Furthermore, South Africa has become a popular venue for staging international sporting events such as football, cricket, and
    rugby. The wedding industry alone is known to be a multi-billion rand market. Therefore, qualified students will be able to follow a career in wedding planning and co-ordination, or other fields of specialisation such as adventure event management, sporting or political event management and exhibitions and trade shows.

    1st YEAR

    • Event Management 1
    • Fundamentals of Economics
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Business Marketing
    • Accounting for Financial Decision-Making
    • Statistical Methods

    2nd YEAR

    • Event Management 2
    • Public Relations
    • Business Management
    • Marketing Planning
    • Micro Economics
    • Macro Economics
    • Academic Literacy

    3rd YEAR

    • Strategic Business Management
    • Research Methodology
    • Law in the Event Industry
    • Event Management 3
    • Services Marketing
    • Work-integrated Learning

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    Event Manager
    Wedding Planner
    Event Entrepreneur
    Sport Event Manager
    Political Event Manager
    Corporate Event Manager
    Music / Mega Event Coordinator
    Conference & Exhibition Centre Manager
    Event Brand or Event Marketing Manager
    Team Building / Adventure Programme Facilitator

    AVAILABLE 2020!



    NQF LEVEL 7 | 360 CREDITS | SAQA ID: 110099

    Project Management is regarded as one of the most lucrative professions and is a skill that is in high demand in South Africa and globally. This degree is developed to ensure aspiring project managers acquire the skills needed to be a successful team player in a diverse project team, both locally and internationally.

    This programme was designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to successful plan and execute projects. You will learn how to plan, budget, oversee and document all aspects of the specific project you are working on. Project managers can work in a variety of fields, from human resources, to advertising/marketing, IT and much more.

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