Short Course in ASP.Net Programming (PRA_ASPC)

Course Overview

This course will provide you with the skills necessary to write Web Pages that are dynamic rather than static by using ASP.NET and client-side JavaScript code.  You will use its core technologies, use techniques to improve code separation and modularity, and rich server-side controls to cut down on development time.

You will also work with data from both a relational database, as well as XML documents.  You will learn about the easy configuration possibilities that ASP.NET provides and the high performance that can be achieved by using output caching.  ASP.NET is a superb tool for Web Development, and after this course you will be able to begin to take advantage of it immediately.

Is this course for you?

In this course you will create ASP.NET Web Pages that dynamically display content, display, manipulate, and modify data in a relational database, and display, manipulate and modify XML data..

What you will learn

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When can I start?

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