Short Course in Executive Office Management (PA) (PRA_EOMC)

Course Overview

The role of the Executive Office Manager is not a generic role as duties vary according to the size of the employing organization.  An Office Manager serves as the supervisor for administrative support staff and also ensures that the office runs smoothly.  This course includes all the elements for you to become an Executive Office Manager.

Is this course for you?

An Executive Office Manager effortlessly combines a diverse range of responsibilities ensuring that office processes and activities are efficiently and smoothly managed. This course will help you develop an assertive and organised approach to managing people and processes in your office.  The course includes:

  • Understand the range of responsibilities and skills required by the office manager
  • Apply various approaches when dealing with the management of tasks, teams and individuals
  • Apply techniques to plan and manage workload effectively and achieve objectives
  • Apply assertive communication and problem-solving skills

What will you learn?

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When can I start?

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