Short Course in HTML5: (Basic – Advanced) (PRA_HTML)

Course Overview

HTML5 is the latest generation of markup languages used to create content for the web. It is also used as a programming language for mobile (smartphone and tablet) application development. When people say “HTML5,” they typically mean not only the latest version of HTML, but also CSS, JavaScript®, and various markup languages used to represent other kinds of web content, such as SVG (graphics) and MathML (mathematical formulas).

This course focuses on HTML5 and CSS3 for the most integral and evolving web technologies that enable you to structure content and present it on the web. Knowledge of these languages will help you create web pages that are easy to read and appealing to users. This course lays the foundation for mastering these two popular web publishing technologies.

Furthermore, this course focus on new and advanced features of HTML5, covering how to create HTML5 and CSS3 markup that will work well on the widest possible variety of web browsers, mobile devices, and machine readers, such as search engine web crawlers.

Is this course for you?

This course is designed from the most basic to advanced level in HTML5.  The first part of the course will introduce you to HTML and CSS for those who want to learn to develop standards-compliant web content, with a focus on current HTML5 and CSS3 standards.  In the second module you will develop web content in HTML5 and CSS3 following principles of responsive web design

What will you learn

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