Short Course in JavaScript Programming (Fundamentals, Intermediate & Advanced) (PRA_JASC)

Course Overview

You will use XHTML to develop web pages with interactive content to attract visitors. In this course, you will develop interactive web content using JavaScript. You will be able to-

  • Create and execute a JavaScript script. Identify some guidelines to be followed while writing scripts.
  • Display messages on the status bar of the browser window, create a new window that helps open linked pages, and manage the window using the properties and methods of the window object.
  • Add content to documents, create dynamic documents, and navigate between layers in a document.
  • Create a form, store data in it, and manipulate the data.
  • Validate data using control constructs.
  • Manipulate numerical, string, and date values.
  • Search for a pattern using a regular expression and understand Ajax.

Is this course for you?

This course is intended for students who are familiar with developing web pages; students should be proficient in writing XHTML code and using Internet Explorer® and Mozilla Firefox®.

What will you learn?

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When can I start?

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