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    SAQA ID: 83188| NQF Level: 6| Credits: 375| Course Duration: 3 Year


    South Africa is set to be one of the top 20 global destinations by the year 2020, as stated by the National Department of Tourism in the growth strategy for 2016. Not only does the tourism sector play an important role in job creation, contributing to more than 200 million jobs globally, it is also the sector that contributes most towards the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Tourism adds value to areas such as quality work, poverty reduction, sustainability and economic growth. Being one of the largest industries globally, the tourism industry has the potential to aid economic recovery on a global status. Sectors that make up this dynamic industry include, amongst others, event management, sport events, business tourism, cultural tourism, eco-tourism and adventure tourism.

    With a growing trend towards hiring tourism specialists, in other words employees with a tertiary qualification in tourism management, the industry has been classified as a scarce skills industry. This course has been specifically designed to offer students an opportunity to discover various sectors of the tourism industry, including visitor attractions, marketing and management. Thereby, allowing for a promising and varying career.

    Besides the exciting field trips to various tourist attractions, the annual tourism tour as well as the practical industry related assignments, students will gain experience while completing work-integrated learning hours at an institution of the student’s choice. A diploma in Tourism Management allows various options in the following careers: hotel and/or guesthouse management, tour operator, travel agent or a tourism entrepreneur as well as various options in the cruise industry.

    1st YEAR

    • Visitor Attraction Management
    • Introduction to the Tourism and Event Industry
    • Business Communication
    • Information Administration Systems
    • Tourism Marketing
    • Management Perspectives

    2nd YEAR

    • Eco-Tourism
    • Finance and Funding
    • Tourism Marketing
    • Public Relations
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Visitor Attraction Management
    • Management Perspectives

    3rd YEAR

    • Hospitality
    • Tourism Management Practice
    • Digital Marketing
    • Work-integrated Learning

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    Tour Guide
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    Tourism Developer
    Travel Coordinator
    Cruise Ship Manager
    Tourism Office Manager
    Leisure Travel Counsellor
    Hotel Manager or Concierge
    Tourism Destination Manager


    AVAILABLE 2020!



    NQF LEVEL 7 | 360 CREDITS | SAQA ID: 110099

    Project Management is regarded as one of the most lucrative professions and is a skill that is in high demand in South Africa and globally. This degree is developed to ensure aspiring project managers acquire the skills needed to be a successful team player in a diverse project team, both locally and internationally.

    This programme was designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to successful plan and execute projects. You will learn how to plan, budget, oversee and document all aspects of the specific project you are working on. Project managers can work in a variety of fields, from human resources, to advertising/marketing, IT and much more.

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