Credit Accumulation Transfer (CAT)

Credit Accumulation Transfer (CAT) is a term that refers to the arrangement whereby the diverse features of both credit accumulation and credit transfer are combined to facilitate lifelong learning and access to the workplace.  CAT goes hand-in hand with horizontal and/or vertical articulation.

Credit Accumulation Transfer

There is a distinction between horizontal and vertical articulation.  Horizontal articulation refers to a student changing from a programme enrolled for on a specific NQF level to another programme on the same NQF level, e.g. Diploma in Business Management articulating to a Diploma in Business Marketing.   Vertical articulation is where a student wishes to enrol for a programme on a higher NQF level than the one he/she is enrolled for, e.g. Diploma in Business Management articulating to a Bachelors in Commerce in Business Marketing.   Vertical articulation also apply to students who did not qualify with their grade 12 results to enrol, e.g. for a degree.  Such a student will then be enrolled for a qualification on a lower NQF level, e.g. a diploma and after completion of the first year of such qualification, could be considered to articulate to the degree.  The following rules apply:  the student must pass all the modules in the first year of the lower NQF qualification; the student must obtain a minimum of 65% average calculated across all modules at the end of the academic year; and only once this criteria has been met, can the student be considered for articulation and credit accumulation transfers will be given to modules that have the same outcomes and assessment criteria in both mentioned qualifications. Should a student wish to apply for articulation, such a student will consult the office of the Academic Manager who will explain the entire process and complete all the required forms necessary for articulation.  Students will receive credit accumulation transfers for modules already completed successfully.  There might be some additional modules a student will have to enrol for if the modules completed is not the same as those of the programme articulating to.  These additional modules will be taken at an additional cost.  The Academic Manager will assist and give a quotation in this regard.

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What is extended study?

Some students qualify to enrol for e.g. a Bachelors in Commerce in Business Marketing, but for some reason finds it difficult to cope with the number of modules presented in a specific year, e.g. modules totaling to 120 credits.  Hence, these students can be accommodated to do an extended study which implies that this particular student will not complete his/her studies within the minimum given time, e.g. three years.  The Academic Manager can be consulted in such instances and a study plan for these students will be worked out over a longer period of time.  This implies that the student will extend his/her studies by at least one year.

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