Re-Registration/Re-do of subjects

What is a redo modules?

Students who did not complete a module successfully in an academic year, will have the opportunity to re-register for such a module during the next academic year.  A fee per module will be applicable.  A student may not enrol for modules exceeding a total of 120 credits per academic year.  Thus, the redo module will have preference over and above the next year’s modules.  Redoing a module could possibly prolong a student’s studies with at least one academic year.  A student who must redo a module can consult the office of the Registrar for assistance in this regard.

A student, who did not pass all module(s) in 2017, may redo the module(s) simultaneously when registering for 2018. Re-registrations for redo module(s) take place on 8 December 2018. Conditions apply as per student rules.

  1. The student can only continue with a module in the following year (for example 2nd or 3rd year) if the module do not have a pre-requisite module that must be passed in the previous year (for example the 1st year). If so, the student must re-register for the subject failed in the previous year and will be de-registered for the following year’s subject. A separate re-registration/de-registration form is obtainable from the Registrar, Mrs Ronel Bardenhorst.
  2. In some instances where there are clashes on the calendar, the failed subject will receive preference. This means where subject(s) of the 2nd or 3rd year clashes with subjects re-registered for, the student will register for the re-registered subject and will be de-registered for the subject with which it clashes on the timetable.
  3. The fee for the re-registration subject is calculated as follows: the total course fee for 2018 divided by total number of credits for the subjects in that particular academic year (e.g. 120 credits) x the number of credits of the subject (e.g. 15 credits). If the subject therefore falls in the 1st year of studies, the 2017 1st year course fee will be used for calculation purposes.

New Registration forms for Senior Students (2018) will be available soon.


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