RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)

Recognition of prior learning (in short RPL) is a term that refers to the formal identification, assessment and acknowledgement of knowledge and skills that a person has acquired in the past. In short: it is about giving receiving recognition for previous learning throughout your life, in any situation, for instance at work, through involvement in community work, and short courses. This means that through RPL, you could receive recognition for any learning (acquiring specific knowledge and skills) that has taken place outside formal education and training such as at a college or university, regardless of where or when it was obtained. Ultimately RPL will help you to obtain or work towards a qualification acknowledged by the authorities as well as educational institutions.

Download the Recognition of Prior Learning Candidate Guide PDF

The purpose of this guide is to assist you in the application of credits for recognition of prior learning (RPL in short). RPL is a process of assessment whereby recognition is given to previously acquired knowledge and skills as a result of formal training, life experiences and work experiences, regardless where the learning occurred, and acceptance for purpose of qualification of whatever meets the requirements.

The guide is organized under three distinct sections:

SECTION A covers brief background details on RPL, and how you can benefit,

SECTION B covers specific particulars on the process, procedures and requirements related to RPL,

SECTION C contains all relevant documents and forms to be completed.

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