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    Student Success Stories

    Upon graduating from Prestige Academy, many of our students have moved on to successful careers. Here are a few of our success stories.

    Toni Seiler

    Toni Seiler

    Company: Dimension Data Namibia
    Position: Data Center System Administrator

    After completing my studies at Prestige Academy I moved back to Windhoek, Namibia. I applied as a Junior IT Administrator at NMH (Namibia Media Holdings) which owns three newspaper publications (Republikein, Namibian Sun and Allgemeine Zeitung). After a year I got promoted to Assistant Senior Network Engineer. In 2013 I got promoted then again to Senior Network Engineer.

    Having spent nearly 4 years at a company I decided it is time for me to move on and look for something new. One always needs a new challenge. In November 2014 I joined Dimension Data Namibia and got appointed as a Data Center System Administrator for the Olthaver&List group. I am currently expanding my knowledge/qualification in Cisco ( Datacenter CCNA) and EMC solutions.

    Nadia Birow

    Nadia Birrow , '11

    Marketing & Design Manager at Kreative Kaneri

    I was an Event Management student at Prestige Academy. It has been four years since my last days at Prestige Academy, standing on the stage at graduation making my Student Council chairperson speech to all the graduating students of 2011. Prestige Academy was not only a place of learning but it too became a big part in the accomplishments I have achieved since. I was able to excel within my reach and gain valuable experience, skills and leadership abilities, all by the hands of Prestige Academy and the lecturers.

    Since graduation, I have been travelling in Europe where I lived in London and Germany for two years, collecting wonderful memories, meeting new people and of course, broadening my horizons to the different cultures and ways of life. I then moved back to South Africa where I decided to start planting my roots. As an event management student at Prestige Academy, I have followed in the footsteps within my career and have joined forces with the marketing and design industry. Now, I stand as a Marketing and Design Manager for a corporate company. I am grateful for the lessons I have learned and the experiences I have been exposed to, as it all has brought me to this point where I too have my own business in Marketing, Branding and Design at Kreative Kaneri. My vision for my company is to be able to grow creatively, independently and successfully and be able to offer my experiences as a baseline for originality. Being able to start my own business has given me a skip in my step, knowing that I am making my own mark out there, releasing myself into the world as a business owner and being able to reach out and help others grow and allow their visions to become a reality. If I can offer some advice out there it will be this: Never ever ever let anyone tell you something is impossible or that it cannot be done. Success was never built to be easy but it is based on a platform of commitment, dedication and vision… and of course a few sleepless nights here and there. A quote I’d like to share: “Life can get too dull if you don’t use a little colour yourself”

    Hanru Vorster

    I studied BCom Business Marketing  at Prestige Academy from 2012 to 2014.

    I had a great experience at the Academy, because I was in the BEST class ever. I learned a lot from my fellow class members and lectures, and how to have fun while studying. I learned that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.

    Leon Pienaar

    Leon Pienaar , '14

    I have attended Prestige Academy from 2012-2014 and graduated with a BCom Marketing degree.

    Prestige is a contemporary institution and refuse to stagnate as they always try to improve and innovate. Prestige is a Academy who care not only about the students but also about the community.  Look at all the community outreach projects they are involved with.

    My experience at Prestige was awesome. The diversity of language and culture is a good way to get out of your comfort zone and experience the world around us. English people tried to speak Afrikaans and vice versa my favourite word was Clayton Barnard saying “snippermandjie”. In my class was Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Atheist people which all learned to respect one another. The practical teaching method was fun and helped us to understand the theory and how to apply it in the work place. Social events was a blast, I especially loved the potjiekos competitions.

    At Prestige you have the opportunity to play hard but you must also work hard. Before I write an essay my words of wisdom is enjoy college while it lasts if you wink it is over so take part in everything.

    I had the honour to be in the best class of 2014 MARK 3!!!

    J Lombard

    Shelby Lombard : Studied Event Management in 2014

    Junior Web Administrator

    A few months ago I graduated from Prestige Academy, receiving my Diploma in Event Management. Words cannot explain how much I gained through this course and how much I grew as a person. Not only did I walk away with a qualification, but I also walked away with sufficient knowledge and the necessary skills needed in order to pursue my dreams. One aspect I enjoyed most about our lectures is that each lecturer taught us based on his/her experiences in their past. That is something that really inspired and motivated me to work hard. Prestige Academy would not be ‘Prestige Academy’ without the passion and commitment from their lecturers and staff!

    I am currently working for an Online Shopping company called Blue Ideal, as a Junior Web Administrator. I am sure you are wondering why as this particular profession is not event related. Well, I am not quite sure where I see myself in the Event sector yet and when this opportunity arose it hit me! I was lucky enough to join the team during the beginning stages of starting and growing the company. Apart from all the new knowledge I am gaining, I am fortunate enough in being able to work alongside the owner. The individualised guidance and business coaching will be invaluable towards my future business plans within the event industry.

    In my first year I walked into Prestige Academy as a quiet, shy and dependent individual. Three years down the line I walked out of Prestige Academy as knowledgeable, confident and independent young adult.

    Thank you Prestige Academy. J

    Warren Escherich

    Warren Escherich , '08

    My teacher was Mr Coetzee and in my second year (2008), my teacher was a newly appointed teacher (Mr Bouwer). Mr Bouwer got an award for going far beyond his job description and for making his classes so fun that students used to come to class even if they didn’t need to do anything.

    They just wanted to be there because Mr Bouwer made it so enjoyable ? The student in my class that got the award for the Best academic results for a first-year student was Albe Scheepers (who became another one of my best friends and who I still keep contact with).

    Right now I am busy completing a TEFL course which I hope will get me moving overseas and then I can start my own animation solo-company online from there.

    Thanks to Mr Bouwer, I never lost my passion for animation :).

    Toni Tito

    Toni Tito , '14

    Truly thank you so much for everything. I still recommend learners who are interested in Event Management to your institution. Studying with Prestige Academy has been a milestone in my life and also the amount I’ve learnt. I’m grateful to the establishment along with all the lectures and staff.

    Megan Pritchard

    Megan Pritchard

    Company: Ogilvy Namibia
    Position: Account Executive

    I now work at Ogilvy Namibia as an Account Executive – a marketing and advertising agency. I realised the other day how fortunate I am to have had the opportunity to study at Prestige Academy.  For everything I have endured and achieved in those three years – if it wasn’t for that – I would have never been here where I am today.  Thank you so much for being apart of this stepping stone in my life – I have the biggest respect for you all.

    Sarel le Roux

    Sarel le Roux

    “My time at Prestige Academy is a time I will not trade for anything, not only because I had a lot of fun while learning about the industry, but also the quality of the work we covered in the class and all the extra assistance, guidance and outside resources (such as the PHP conference we attended) that the lecturers used to help us grow and learn. If anything my only regret is that the time was so short as I would have loved to be a Prestige Student for longer.”

    Lauren Carter

    Lauren Carter , '14

    In 2012 I started a new chapter of my life walking into college studying my BA Degree in Visual Communication Design at Prestige Academy.

    This course at first taught me the ability to work under copious amounts of pressure, meet deadlines and work incredibly hard to achieve good results. If you are not hard working or passionate about design, I do suggest you walk away. This course is for the hard working individuals who are able to dedicate themselves to the workload and have as much fun doing it. The course is very  rewarding in the end.

    I had the privilege to work with a group of individuals that not only worked hard to achieve the best, but we fed off of each other’s energy which in return made us walk proud and strong as a team on our graduation day. The main pillars in this course that I believe made a tremendous impact are the four lecturers that worked just as hard as we did. I give many thanks to these great lecturers during my years of study.

    Being in the corporate world I did manage to find employment before I graduated. How did I achieve employment so quickly? This course gave me the ability to create a portfolio that was eligible for a company to employ me straight away. I was prepared. Prestige Academy helped me to prepare myself for the corporate world. Although there is a large difference, I have learnt so much in the industry already and will continue to learn day by day. Having this degree was possibly the most rewarding experiences of my life.

    I would recommend anyone who is confused with their choices on where to study and are doubtful of this college. I trust Prestige Academy will guide you in making the right choices. I too was confused about this course but in the real world, i do not regret it. I have learnt so much in the past three years and it is all up to you and your determination to make a success of yourself. Prestige Academy will assist you in getting that dream job you hope to have one day.

    Stefan Fisher

    Stefan Fisher , '14

    Tour Consultant

    My time at Prestige Academy was well worth my time I spent there and in Cape Town. I only decided to study Tourism Management at Prestige Academy after a short stay in Europe and I even turned down an offer to study in the United States. My decision did change my life for the better and I completed my Tourism studies successfully after 3 years and now work at SWA Safaris in Windhoek, Namibia. I am a tour consultant and responsible for the Scheduled Tours in Namibia and Botswana. The tourism course at Prestige has indeed helped me make my job easier and I use my acquired knowledge every day. I still plan on working in Europe to further my knowledge in the tourism industry and I cannot thank Prestige Academy enough for helping me adding another chapter in my life. Thank you!

    Damon Mostert

    Damon Mostert

    Position: Sports Marketing Executive

    The subjects in my BCom Degree was interesting, engaging and fundamental to my knowledge as a marketer and is knowledge I am using daily. After completing my internship hours for my degree, Adidas SA decided to offer me a position in their head office as a sports marketing executive. I assist all the main business units mainly rugby, football, running and training with campaigns, events and servicing our sponsored athletes.

    I get to meet high powered people and international sports legends which keeps me excited about coming to work every day. I have worked on projects like the 2 Oceans Expo, the Currie Cup and Super Rugby campaigns and various smaller events. Overall I feel I was equipped with the right tools to acquire and complete my job. At the end of the day, it is your work ethic and your drive coupled with your knowledge that will make the difference in you getting and keeping a job.

    Veruscha Philander

    Veruscha Philander

    Corporate Event Manager at Four Star Hotel

    I studied Event Management, whereby I was taught by the most influential lecturers ever. They shared their experience n knowledge about the Event Management industry with us. They were not only just lecturers, but mothers and fathers at the same time. When I started studying Event Management, I found that my passion for Event Management lies within the Corporate Event Industry. This is when I started doing corporate events and functions at a Four Star Hotel. At Prestige Academy I have met a lot of wonderful friends, friends who became my best friends, up until today.

    I had a wonderful, memorable 3 years at Prestige Academy and is the best learning institute ever.

    Thank you Prestige Academy for making me who I am today.

    Talitha Marais

    Talitha Marais

    Position: Health & Safety

    My time at Prestige Academy taught me how to be independent and to take on new responsibilities. Attending the Academy took me one step closer to the career of my dreams and realising what I really wanted to do. I studied Event Management and in these three years we had a subject that was health and safety. I enjoyed this subject so much that I decided to make a career out of it and am now working for a Construction company doing their Health and Safety. Although college is about adding to your knowledge it also gave me the opportunity to make new friends and make new memories. Academy life is where you get to find yourself. It taught me much more than what was in the books, it thought me ways of life and how it will be in the “big” world. I would not give up my college experience at Prestige academy for anything.

    Landri van der Westhuizen

    Landri van der Westhuizen

    Position: Health & Safety

    I studied Event Management, where I got to learn a lot of life lessons. I had a wonderful time there being taught by brilliant lectures who shared their passion, experiences and teachings with me and who got me to love the Event Management industry. In our second year we had a subject called Health & Safety that is where I found what I want to do, I knew I wanted to go into the Health & Safety industry and that is where I am today, doing Health and Safety for a construction company. I have made wonderful friends that I know will last a lifetime. I have learned a lot and it was a fun experience, being exposed to different types of events such as Battle of the Bands to organising a fun run. Prestige Academy is defiantly a good learning institute.