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Wow, another year has come and gone, but man oh man was it a busy one! This was the year of our big Final Exhibition. Now I am not going to lie, at the beginning of the year I completely underestimated the time and effort that would go into producing the final outcomes. It all just starts out with a piece of paper only to transform into a massive space filled with hard work. Throughout the year we worked on our projects that we were briefed on, with the guidance of our badass lecturer Mrs van Zyl. Without her continued support and effort that she puts into helping each student develop who they are as designers, we would not be standing here today. I mean let’s face it, without her, and the other lecturers who played their part, everything would just turn into one massive flop, so appreciate your lecturers and all that they do for you.

Now, let’s get back to it, I think one thing that can be said about VAC students is that each one of them are unique individuals. This was clearly showcased through the different layouts of each student’s space. Each space showcased who each individual was not only as a designer, but also who they were as a person. It was literally a full day’s work to put up the stand, but it was worth all the effort when the guests walked past the stand and you could overhear how impressed they were with the quality of work that was on display for that evening. Trust me, I was the stall right at the entrance/exit so I got to hear every single “wow” as they entered the exhibition space, and the “that was impressive” when they left the exhibition space again.

It was a night that showed us that hard work truly does pay off if you are willing to put in the effort because nothing quite feels like the pride you feel for yourself in having pulled off such a great achievement to end off your final year as a VAC student. My advice to the future VAC students, listen to Mrs. Van Zyl, she knows what’s up, and to be frank you probably don’t just yet. Just listen to her advice, then almost half the battle of the final year has already been won. Time management will be your biggest key in surviving your final year as a VAC student but chin up and keep working hard, you’ve got this.

And lastly, to my fellow VAC students of 2019, we did it guys! We made it, after all the blood, sweat and tears that went into our work over the years, we did it! The exhibition truly was incredible, and each and every one of you had the most amazing stalls put up. It was an honour to share the experience with you. I can’t wait to see you all out there kicking some booty in the design world!


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