I’m sure you remember the Mad Hatter in the famous Tim Burton’s movie, Alice in Wonderland.

In this movie, all actors portray magical characters that entice the audience in true Alice in Wonderland fashion. What is the main reason why all these actors can transform themselves into these magical characters?

You guessed it! The magic wand of a make-up artist! Johnny Depp was transformed into his character, the Mad Hatter due to the skills of a make-up artist.

make up


Source: Source: https://www.today.com/popculture/about-face-many-marvelous-looks-johnny-depp-1D79545955

A make-up artist is a professional that uses human skin as a canvas and make-up as a medium to transform models and actors on stage, film and television productions, brides and other clients for special occasions. Make-up and hair is a vital feature in the overall design of films or television productions, creating a look for the actors to suit a specific social class and time period. Make-up artists are experienced in a wide variety of professional make-up products and also oversee the make-up continuity on the performer(s) during the shoot or production.

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Source: https://zh.pngtree.com/freebackground/brush-strokes-background_291527.html

Let’s learn more about this magical programme:

What is it all about?

The Film and TV Make-up Design programme qualifies future make-up artists to perfect their skills by providing an intensively practical programme in character make-up, special effects, prosthetics, fashion, bridal, beauty and advertising make-up. Students will explore the production of prosthetics and change physical appearances, including aspects such as life-casting, clay sculpting, create silicon masks, applying prosthetics, adding hair and colouring techniques.  Students will experiment with materials, tools and techniques to enable them to compete in this highly creative industry.

make up colouringprostheticsprosthetics

Prestige Academy Student work 

What will I do?

The Film and TV Make-up Design programme is taught by an industry experienced lecturer who will prepare you for this ground-breaking creative industry.

The following modules are included in the programme:

  • Media Make-up as a Career
  • Make-up Techniques
  • Make-up in Fashion & Beauty
  • Body & Face Painting
  • Working in Theatre
  • Make-up in TV & Cinematography
  • Historical Hair & Make-Up
  • Character Make-up and Facial Hair
  • Casualty Effects and Prosthetics
  • Professional Practice
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Experiential Learning

These modules ensure that students learn not only make-up skills, but other transferable skills such as professional practice and entrepreneurship. These skills are all needed for success in this mostly freelance profession. Prestige Academy aims to support students in developing these skills, alongside the imagination, flair and curiosity that will encourage them to push the boundaries of special effects make-up.

Where could it take me?

Make-up artists often work as freelancers and in a combination of different roles. This Higher Certificate will enable you to go straight into the industry, working with established artists or independently.

Here is a list of some future careers available in the field of make-up artistry:

  • Cosmetic/make-up Expert
  • Special Effects Make-up Artist
  • Film Make-up Artist
  • Stage Make-up Artist
  • Advertising/Media Make-up Artist
  • Product House Make-up Artist
  • Freelance Make-up Artist

How to find out more?

If this sounds like the rabbit hole that you want to go down and want to develop specialist skills and creative know-how to transform actors into aliens, zombies, pirates and vampires, or subtle make-up effects, convince us of injuries, scars, tattoos or wrinkles, this is the programme for YOU!

Join today for the memorable learning experience. Register online by selecting the 2019 ONLINE Registration form or download the PDF HERE. This form includes information on tuition fees, as well as the terms and conditions, course deposits ect.

We look forward to having you part of the Prestige Academy family!