No need to look further… Prestige Academy already welcomes you.

WHO is Prestige Academy?

Prestige Academy is a well-known, registered Private Higher Education Institution offering registered programmes for 24 years.We offer Post & Undergraduate DegreesDiplomas, Advanced & Higher Certificates in the Faculty of Business, Faculty of Information Technology and the Faculty of Arts & Design respectively.  

Accreditation and Legal status: Prestige Academy is registered as a Private Higher Education Institution with the Department of Higher Education andgfgff Training in South Africa under the Higher Education Act 1997 Registration Nr. 2001/HE07/005.

WHY Prestige Academy?

Besides the fact that we offer credible, affordable qualifications that are subject to the same oversight, regulation and accreditation as universities, we offer a smaller campus resulting in smaller classes and therefore students have access to the support they require.

Our success rates are higher because students complete their qualifications in the prescribed period, which means they are exposed to the workplace much sooner.

A large group of our lecturers are not only academics but are / have actively worked in the industries and therefore students get exposure to the ‘real world of work’ and have the opportunity to get hands-on with what the industry requires while studying.

On another note, Prestige Academy is not government subsidised due to being a private institution and therefore students are treated as our customers, especially because we are reliant on student fees.

Note that we face closing our doors if we don’t provide the quality education and value that you have paid for, so therefore we focus strongly on providing the best services.

We provide niche qualifications that are not necessarily available at all/ other institutions.

We offer compulsory experiential, work-based or work integrated learning (work-experience), which improves employability of our students and therefore they are always in demand.

Besides the awesome student life and studying in a dynamic, multi-cultural environment; Lastly, Prestige Academy is a family business and students can definitely relate to the fact that they become part of this family vibe on campus. Students refer to Prestige Academy as “home.”


We know… It’s hard not to fall in love with the best institution ever!

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