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    What do Rob Janoff, Chip Kidd, and Peter Saville have in common? They are all world-renowned graphic design experts who irrespectively designed the creative elements for Jurassic Park, Apple and sleeve designs for fashion labels such as Stella McCartney.

    Does this topic interest you? Have you ever held a product in your hands thinking about how cool the design looks and you are intrigued by how the label was made? Or have you ever caught yourself doodling or coming up with creative ideas on designing a label or improving on an illustration? Maybe you’ve looked at some graphic design images on Facebook or Instagram and thought you would have changed something about it.

    If so, then you could potentially have a career as a freelance photographer, illustrator, graphic designer or art director!

    You might be keen to learn more about graphic design specifically or you might want to study towards a similar degree. If you are not sure about what programme to study when thinking about designing and photography, then Prestige Academy has the perfect programmes for you!

    We offer a Higher Certificate in Desktop Publishing and Computer Art as well as an Advanced Certificate in Graphic Design for the graphic design fanatics who would enjoy learning about applied advertising and promotions, design concepts, e-page layout and typography, interactive media design, and graphic design and illustrations through using tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe In-Design to name but a few.

    For those wanting to achieve a Bachelor of Arts and who are interested in both photography and graphic design, we offer a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts in Visual Communication Design (VISCOM)This is a three-year qualification that offers everything from the foundations of drawing, image creation, and composition, photography as developed from a dark room to that of digital photography, HTML and Content management, entrepreneurship and much more!

    Second and third-year graphic design and VISCOM lecturer, Monette Mills, says that graphic design is a creative niche and must be a passion for anyone interested in having a career as a graphic designer or creative director. “You will have to be creative 24 hours a day. The programmes that we offer are not easy programmes. You must be creative, be able to work long hours and adapt to different types of briefs that we give in the classroom. But it is all worth it,” she says.

    Students are treated like individuals who each have a unique creative perspective and talent. “I treat the students as if they were art directors who report to me, who would stand in as the creative director. As lecturers, we are always there to assist our students, but we want to give them a ‘real-world’ experience.”

    Students do a lot of practical work in and out of the classroom. In the VISCOM degree students also get the opportunity to do Work Integrated Learning (WIL) that amounts to 350 hours of work experience. Students will also be exposed to the industry through Experiential Learning (EL) in the Higher Certificate in Desktop Publishing and Computer Art and Work-based learning (WBL) in the Advanced Certificate in Graphic Design.

    “Most of our students receive a job contract once they have completed their Work Integrated Learning,” Mills says. She mentions that in some cases alumni students had come back to ask for Prestige Academy students to work as interns at the same company they work for.

    If this tickles your fancy you can always visit the upcoming exhibition that is open to the public on 21 November 2018, where the creative artwork of the VISCOM students will be displayed. Industry experts and student alumni also visit the exhibition. A variety of work that will blow your mind will be showcased. You could also speak to one of Prestige Academy’s Higher Education Consultants, on the day and the students themselves will be ready to answer any of your questions. You will be able to view student portfolios and get a taste of what it is like to be a graphic design and/or VISCOM student at Prestige Academy.

    Monette Mills who has more than 12 years of lecturing experience and more than 10 years of industry experience is one of the best lecturers in her field. She is will be doing her Masters in Graphic Design in 2019, so you will be in good hands when studying towards becoming a graphic designer or visual communications expert at Prestige Academy.

    “We have a lot of fun in class and apart from the theory and practical work, we always assist each other and students will have the freedom to express themselves,” Mills says.

    So, don’t delay, register today!