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    Take a look around. IT is everywhere. And every day, it changes the world. By studying IT at Prestige Academy – you can help drive that daily transformation.

    IT – what’s not to love?

    At Prestige Academy, we get IT, we love it – and we want you to love it, too. Technology underpins our lives. It’s in the alarm that woke you up this morning, the commute that got you to school or work, and the food on your table. It is ingrained in every industry, from education through to engineering and entertainment. It helps remote communities conserve vital resources, creates more effective medicines, and keeps us safe. It allows us to form networks right around the planet and far into space.

    Behind every, IT application that we have, and all those yet to come, are clever, creative students. IT people. And by studying IT, you could become the expert who designs and creates the systems we all rely on.

    This is what you can expect when studying IT at Prestige Academy:

    The Higher Certificate in Internetwork Systems Specialisation serves as a platform for pursuing more advanced studies in networking technologies. This qualification will equip students with relevant knowledge and practical skills concerning IT networks, security, internet, and the latest computer hardware. The curriculum is based on international certifications for A+ (Computer Hardware and Operating systems), “Wireless Networking (Wi-Fi)”, Certified Cisco Network Administrator (CCNA) using technologies e.g. VPN’s, VLAN’s and Remote Administration and working with Routers & Switches, Linux Administration(Linux+), VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and Basic Project Management (Project+).

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