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    Do you ever envision yourself leading tours of exotic, international locations? Maybe you would love to head out onto the high seas and become a cruise director. Or how about working in a world-class hotel, making sure that your guest’s trip is as memorable as possible?

    If so, the tourism industry might just be your perfect fit!

    Here are a few reasons why YOU should consider studying the Diploma in Tourism Management at Prestige Academy…

    You are interested in joining a booming and growing industry

    The tourism industry is the largest service sector industry in the world – and it continues to grow! You will find never-ending opportunities to pursue career paths in areas that range from high-end travel to rugged outdoor adventure, event management, and guesthouse management.

    You enjoy working with people

    You will have a lot of opportunities to meet new people during both your academic life, as well as your professional life – after all, the tourism industry is about cultivating relationships and making connections. At Prestige Academy we create experiences that will serve you well in the tourism industry.

    You want to stand out from the crowd

    It is forecasted that due to rapid growth, the tourism industry will face a shortage of skilled employees in the coming years. By gaining a holistic view of the tourism industry by studying towards the Diploma in Tourism Management at Prestige Academy, you will master the skills necessary to help fill this need and to help you position yourself for an impactful career to stand out from the crowd.

    You are looking for transferable skills

    Tourism has an impact on nearly every industry. Marketing, business communication, digital marketing, public relations, event planning and many more are among the many skills needed to succeed in the industry. At Prestige Academy you will acquire these skills throughout your 3 years here. You will also get the industry-based experience that will prepare you for life.

    You love to travel and visit new places

    It may seem obvious, but it is also one of the most important reasons to join the industry. And since your experiences with Prestige Academy go far beyond the classroom, you will get the opportunity to experience the course topics first-hand. You will go in various class tours, you will intern within the industry during your work-based learning, there is an MSC Cruise in the 3rd year of the Diploma.

    You want to be part of a legacy

    Tourism in an industry can create change, it can drive economies, preserve history and culture and achieve balance and prosperity in communities. Our tourism management course is designed to explore sustainability and the positive impacts that tourism can have on society.

    You want to leave a lasting impression

    At the end of the day, it is all about making memories. Help enrich the lives of others by creating experiences that leave lasting impressions.

    You crave adventure and FUN!

    No day is the same in the tourism industry. This fast-paced, ever-changing sector provides the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity to enhance travelers’ experiences.

    Get your foot in the door by studying towards the Diploma in Tourism Management at Prestige Academy!